Inside Hassan Joho palatial residence in Mombasa

Mombasa Governor Hon Ali Hassan Joho has always been branded some sort of a slay king thanks to his greater than life outlook in life.

Now, he has raised his game from flaunting his lovely travels and fancy shoes to finally giving his fans a glimpse into what appears to be his palatial residence.

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Wueh, levels! Hii ndo nyumba ya Joho?

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Cheki hio nyumba.

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Through a range of photos shared on Instagram, the stylish leader was spotted chilling on a lush lawn right outside a silver-white mansion.

The house resembles like those you only see in movies with the balconies furnished using glass finishing.

The lawn furniture looked like a dream and was seen placed royally next to a sky blue infinity pool.

Yes, the house has an infinity pool. Makes you question what you are doing with your life right now and where you went wrong.

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Joho chilling at home.

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The walls of the home are perfectly sculpted, and the decor is just impeccable. It seems like our dear governor has expensive taste. Wait, we already knew this.

If you imagined the house only has one balcony overlooking the breathtaking view of nature, think again because it has a couple.

Joho’s supporters stared as they struggled to put their tongues back in their mouths while his critics asked him to stop flossing his assets like an “immature” boy.


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