Diana Marua

Bahati’s rib Diana Marua, pseudonym Signora Bahati has opened up about the age difference between her and her musician hubby.

It should be seen Marua is a little bit older than Bahati, an argument that has always brought the lass bickering with countless people trolling her for marrying a ”kid”.

Well, the lady recently told off those who have been criticising her over their age diversity through the musician’s reality TV show, Being Bahati.

”What do you mean if it bothers me that Bahati is younger than me? It does not bother me, all that matters here is that I love him, period,” Diana stated.
This, the mother of two explained in response to numerous questions on whether she was upset by the fact she is older than her hubby.

This is not the first incident Marua is addressing the years difference with the Mama hitmaker.

For some period now, Kenyans on social media have been trolling the damsel with many faulting her for dating and marrying someone way much younger than her.

Diana Marua has been fighting off the trolls on end in a bid to protect her love and marriage with Bahati.

It should be noted that Diana is 30 while her hubby Bahati is 24.


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