Joey Muthengi breaks down as she says goodbye to Citizen TV

Joey Muthengi
Joey Muthengi

It is true riveting TV girl Joey Muthengi is no longer at Citizen TV.

The woman who was a news anchor and also substituted up as a co-host for 10 Over 10 Tv Show left Citizen TV on Friday, November 9.

It was all moving as she hosted her last episode of 10 Over 10, through which she declared her exit.

”So this is my final10 Over 10 show. You may have read things, but I juts want to clear the air since am not going to say this again. I wanna thank my producer Alex who gave me this golden opportunity and my co-host wild Willis and everyone who has been working behind the scenes” she said.

Joey Muthengi was so in love with her show 10 Over 10 she could not just go without some waterworks.

The story hit her fans really hard as they did not except her sudden departure.

Joey nonetheless did not reveal her next stop but made it clear she was going to take a break, relax and recuperate.

Her declaration came barely hours after rumour mill went into overdrive with rumours she was ditching the station due to friction of interests.


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