A segment of Jubilee party leaders affiliated to the team Kieleweke faction has attacked Deputy President Dr William Ruto of defying President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive on early 2022 campaigns.

The MPs claimed before his swearing following reelection in the 2017 repeat presidential poll, the president ordered all Jubilee leaders to State House in Nairobi and asked them not to involve in politics until 2021.

Addressing a gathering at the ACK Good Samaritan church in Kasarani on Sunday, May 26, the MPs, amongst the them Ngunjiri Wambugu (Nyeri Town),Mr Joshua Kutuny (Cherangany) and Mercy Gakuya (Kasarani), said the president wanted them to concentrate on service delivery, development and unity plan following a prolonged, chaotic and divisive polls, and not 2022 politics.

“We had campaigned, we had teased each other, we had divided Kenyans, he wanted us to go and start uniting Kenyans. Unfortunately, within six months, some of us began campaigning for 2022 polls.
And the rest of us had to come and tell what they were doing was wrong, and that was how Kieleweke was started. We gave them the whole of last year and they did not listen to that, and now we have to urge Kenyans to help us stop premature 2022 campaigns,” Wambugu said.

The Nyeri Town MP’s opinions were echoed by Kutuny who likewise barated the DP for endless politicking despite the president’s strong advice against the premature campaign.

“I recently saw Uhuru kenyatta talking about the Big Four. He has carried all the banks together and now if you want to build a house you can go and borrow from there.
The president speaks about manufacturing almost each day so that the youth can get jobs, but even as Uhuru strives to implement his development agenda, the person he was elected with to help him is busy campaigning for 2022,” Mr. Kutuny said.

Uhuru has on several occasions warned leaders, particularly members of the executive against politicking so they can concentrate on implementing the government’s development programs.

Most recently, the commander-in-chief held a Cabinet meeting on January 31, during which he made it obvious to the CSs that his administration was centered on service delivery and anyone of them who would fall short of that target would have to pave the way for others.

“Those who have chosen to keep politicking instead of serving the people should be ready to give way,” Uhuru said.

He restated he was focused on building a nation which would ensure the needs of youth, women and children were met without bias.

Uhuru advised Kenyans not to allow to be divided by anyone pushing them to end his association with Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

“I used to compete politically but we are now united. We need to choose as Kenyans that we will live together harmoniously and work together to develop our nation…Our nation cannot develop economically if we are divided,” he said then.


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