Previous President Mwai Kibaki and Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka were on Wednesday subjected to a snapshot of disgrace after a companion of the late Kenneth Matiba named them for the assaults they had made against the late lawmaker.

The sensational minute, reflecting a comparable one made by Julius Malema at Winnie Mandela’s burial service, originated from Matiba’s long-term companion, Joe Kibe, who was entrusted with perusing the official commendation.

In the wake of perusing the commendation, Kibe proceeded to make his comments, making reference to Matiba’s capture in 1990.

He noticed that after Matiba was captured and confined, government-unified legislators had proceeded to praise his detainment and to repudiate him in an extraordinary movement presented by then KANU MP Kalonzo Musyoka.

To the amazement of grievers, Kibe read out the names including Mwai Kibaki, Kalonzo Musyoka, and the late George Saitoti – which evoked a commend of praise from the mouners.

Other people who were named incorporate previous Cabinet Ministers Nicholas Biwott, Joseph Kamotho, George Muhoho, and Zachary Onyonka.

Previous MPs David Mwenje, Bonaya Godana, Bob Francis Jalang’o, Phillip Leakey, John Keen, Joash wa Mang’oli, and Francis ole Kaparo were additionally in the rundown of “disgrace”.

The cameras moved to Kibaki, who is going to the burial service, as he sat in an apparently thoughtful state of mind.

“I might want to compliment the extremely brave act by individuals from the security powers in catching these individuals and securely keeping them a long way from us,” Kalonzo had expressed in reference to the detainment of Matiba.


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