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Kameme FM presenters are the people behind the exciting programs in the Mediamax vernacular station that is loved by many in Kenya. Kameme FM is the leading local radio station having been the first to be established among vernacular stations in Kenya. With radio taking up a large percentage of media in Kenya because it reaches many in the country, it is easy to see how it impacts a lot of people, both in urban and rural areas. You may be a great fan of Kameme FM but do you know the voices behind the shows? This article brings to you the presenters at the station. Get to know how they look.

Kameme FM presenters

SOURCE: Facebook@kamemefm

It is not always enough to just enjoy the voices of your favorite presenters in your local station. Kameme has some great presenters that keep entertaining people. This is an opportunity to get in touch with Kameme FM radio presenters, get to see how they look by checking out their photos and know one or two things about them apart from their voices that you are accustomed to.

Kameme FM presenters and their names

This is a list of Kameme FM presenters. You get a chance to finally put a face to the voice. Check out these Kameme FM presenters photos and their names in details. You will learn a thing or two about the presenters you love most.

1. Gatonye Wa Mbugua

kameme fm presenters images

SOURCE: Facebook@gatonyewambugua

Gatonye is celebrated Kameme presenter who is known by most fans of Kameme. He is known for articulating the issues of Kenyans and ensuring that those in authority get to hear about what actually matters. He has hosted a number of influential people in the country including President Uhuru.

2 Benson Gathungu Aka Muthee Kiengei

Kameme FM presenters


Benson is a comedian that works at Kameme. His beginnings may have been humble but he has over the years risen to be one of the most celebrated radio presenters at the Mediamax station.

3. Man Nyari – original

Kameme FM presenters

SOURCE: blogspot.com

Man Nyari is a Christian presenter at Kameme. He is loved for his impact as he runs a program that reunited families. The program is named Njajo ya Muturire.

4. Kamau Wa Kamlesh

Kameme FM presenters

SOURCE: newsday.co.knewsday.co.ke

Kamau wa Kamlesh also known as the black Indian on Facebook is another favorite presenter at Kameme fm. He is a seasoned presenter having worked at Sayare radio and Sauti ya Mwananchi radio before, according to his LinkedIn profile.

5. Gathaiya Dennis

Kameme FM presenters

SOURCE: twitter@kamemefm

You probably know him as a cohost with Ngoni Thuta. He also entertains you with great country music.

6. Ngoni Thuita

Kameme FM presenters

SOURCE: www.nation.co.ke

Many know him as Ole Matope of Vitimbi. He cohosts the breakfast show Rwiga rwa Coro Fm. His is also a story of perseverance as he believes that good things come to those who wait. His show will get you laughing as he cracks jokes and makes his listeners laugh. He is also an actor and Mcee at events.

7. Muthoni wa Kirumba A.K.A Baby Tops

Kameme FM presenters

SOURCE: Facebook@Muthoniwakirumba

The list of Presenters at Kameme cannot be complete without mentioning team chanjamuka champions. Muthoni wa Kirumba hosts this show with Muthee Kehenjo.

8. Muthee Kehenjo

Kameme FM presenters

SOURCE: hivisasa.com

The team at Chanjamuka is complete because of Muthee Kehenjo. This ‘old man’ is a comedian and presenter at Kameme. He will make you laugh as you contemplate and reflect on issues of life. If you love satire and can use a little laughter, then catch him on the show with his cohost Baby tops.

The above list shows Kameme FM presenters images which gives you an opportunity to get in touch with your favorite presenters. The pictures of Kameme FM presenters make it easy for you to identify with them, just in case you meet them on the street. I hope that this article has made it possible for you to know more about your favorite Kameme FM presenters.


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