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KCB M-pesa Banking – KCB M-pesa Account

KCB M-pesa Account is a versatile based investment account that empowers you to get to moment KCB M-pesa Loan up to Kshs.1M after dialing *844#.

Step by step instructions to Sign up for KCB Mpesa account

  1. Access through the M-PESA menu
  2. Select Loans and Savings
  3. Select KCB M-PESA and Activate.

KCB M-pesa Account Features

They incorporate;

  1. Least sparing of Kshs.1 and greatest sparing of Kshs.1M
  2. Individual mischance protection advantage in light of investment funds
  3. Enthusiasm on investment funds of 2% p.a.
  4. You may stack your investment funds effortlessly and helpfully through Mpesa, KCB Mobi, Mtaani specialist or potentially branch and pull back your KCB Mpesa Account reserve funds just by means of MPesa.

Step by step instructions to transfer cash from M-PESA to a KCB account

  1. Go to your M-PESA menu,
  2. Select Lipa na M-PESA,
  3. Enter PayBill number 522522,
  4. Enter the KCB account number you are exchanging cash to, enter the sum, and your M-PESA PIN and affirm to send cash.

Step by step instructions to Open a KCB M-BENKI

  1. Through M-PESA
  2. Go to M-PESA menu
  3. Select Lipa na M-PESA
  4. Select Paybill and enter Paybill number 522522
  5. Under record, type ID(No Space) and your National ID Number e.g ID123456789
  6. Enter add up to store, and your M-PESA PIN.
  7. You will get two SMS’s, unified with your KCB M-BENKI Account number and the other with your transitory PIN.

Online M-BENKI Account Opening

Take after the connection beneath, select open record and take after prompts


Step by step instructions to buy airtime from KCB Mpesa (*522#)

  1. Dial *522#
  2. Select Airtime
  3. Select claim telephone if the self or other telephone to send to

Instructions to buy airtime through KCB Mpesa App

  1. Open the KCB App symbol
  2. Select Transact
  3. Select Airtime
  4. Select self to purchase for possess telephone or other to pick beneficiary from contact list

Step by step instructions to pay your bills utilizing USSD (*522#)

  1. Dial *522#
  2. Select Bill Payments
  3. Select Option 1. Pay Bill
  4. Select Biller e.g KPLC postpaid
  5. Select Account to charge
  6. Enter Bill Account No e.g. 1234567-01
  7. Select Pay Total Amount or Pay Partial Amount
  8. Select Send to pay your bill

The most effective method to pay your bills through the KCB App

  1. Open the KCB App symbol
  2. Select Transact
  3. Select Pay Bill alternative
  4. Select Biller
  5. In the Pay Bill screen:
  6. Select Account to charge
  7. Enter the Billing account number in the field “Record no”
  8. Enter the Amount you need to pay
  9. Select submit to pay your bill

KCB M-pesa Loan

You can get in a split second without sparing with dispensing being to KCB M-pesa Account Loan Limits (Kshs.100 to Kshs.500,000 with a best up alternative). Step by step on how to apply for the loan read this article here.

KCB M-pesa Account empowers clients to get advances utilizing their cell phones, the advances are offered with an adaptable reimbursement period extending from one month to six months.Customers will likewise have the alternative of two settled reserve funds choices, a settled store account and an objective bank account. You can pick adaptable reimbursement times of 1 month, 3 months and a half year through M-pesa, KCB M-pesa Account and Mobi/Branch/Mtaani with an alternative of Partial installments.

 KCB M-pesa Loan – KCB Loan Repayment Schedule

30 day advance at 4% every month (4%)

90 day advance at 3% every month (9%)

180 day advance at 2% every month (12%)

KCB Mpesa Deposits – Fixed Deposit Accounts

There are two sorts of settled store accounts accessible to you as a KCB MPESA Account holder. They incorporate

  • Settled Savings Account
  • Target Savings Account

KCB M-pesa Deposits – Fixed Savings Account

This Account enables you to bolt a particular measure of money for a specific timeframe.

How can it function?

You won’t have the capacity to top-up to the sum spared.

Advance breaking points periods incorporate 1, 3, 6, and a year with least measure of Kshs.50

Upon ahead of schedule or untimely recovery, you will relinquish all intrigue accumulated.

You get money back instantly to KCB MPESA account on inciting money back

You likewise get Life protection advantage in light of settled store reserve funds.

KCB M-pesa Deposits – Target Savings Account

This record enables you to set an objective and make stores towards accomplishing that objective.

How it works?

  • You will top up ceaselessly until the point when you accomplish your objective.
  • The record is available with standing requests from M-pesa or KCB M-pesa Account
  • You can look over target times of 1, 3, 6 and a year with least commitment of Kshs.50.
  • You will likewise procure enthusiasm on aggregate intrigue
  • You are permitted up to 4 withdrawals inside target bolt period to look after intrigue.
  • You will get money back instantly to your KCB M-pesa account on provoking money back
  • You advantage from energizing Interest rates of 1 month (3%), 3 months (4%), 6 months (5%) and a year (6%)


KCB M-pesa Loan and Account FAQS

What is the KCB M-pesa Loan Account Service?

The KCB M-pesa account is a paperless versatile based financial balance that will be offered only to M-pesa enrolled clients. KCB M-pesa Account will have zero least adjust and will furnish clients with the capacity to:

Spare from as meager as KShs.1 and gain enthusiasm of 2% p.a.

Obtain credits with office expense running from 2% to 4% every month.

Put something aside for a settled timeframe (Fixed Deposit Account) or Target Savings Account where you spare little by little for a set period.

Put in standing requests from:

M-pesa to KCB M-pesa Account.

M-pesa to Fixed Savings or Target Savings Account.

KCB M-pesa to Fixed or Target Deposit Account.

Appreciate a free protection cover on Fixed Deposit Account, on reserve funds in your Fixed Deposit Account.

Move cash all through the KCB M-pesa Account at no charge.

What are the requirements to have a KCB M-pesa Account?

To get a KCB M-pesa credit account, you should:

  1. Be an enrolled Safaricom M-pesa client.
  2. Have a dynamic Safaricom M-pesa account.
  3. Hold any of the accompanying Kenyan National ID, Kenyan Passport, Alien ID, Diplomatic ID(Registered on IPRS), Military ID.

How does a current M-pesa Customer Open a KCB M-pesa Account?


Acknowledge the Terms and Conditions.

You will get a SMS with your PIN.

Dial *844# to get to the KCB M-pesa Account Menu and enter the PIN.

Change PIN alternative will be accessible under my record.

KCB M-pesa Deposits – How would i be able to store cash into my KCB M-pesa Account?

From Mpesa to KCB M-pesa Account.

From my KCB M-pesa Account to another KCB M-pesa Account.

From a KCB branch.

KCB M-pesa Deposits – Withdrawal – How will I pull back cash from the KCB M-pesa Account? – How to Withdraw Money from KCB to Mpesa

Clients can just make withdrawals from KCB M-pesa Account through Mpesa utilizing the accompanying advances

  1. Dial the USSD code *844# and Enter the KCB M-pesa Account PIN.
  2. Select “Pull back” from KCB M-pesa Account.
  3. Select to “M-pesa” or other “KCB M-pesa Account.”
  4. Enter sum

KCB M-pesa Account Interest Rate – What is the relevant financing cost on the investment account?

The combined financing cost on investment funds will be 2% for each annum

KCB M-pesa Loan – How will I fit the bill for a credit?

Every successive client of Safaricom benefits and existing KCB account holders will be apportioned an advance breaking point after picking into the KCB M-pesa Account. Not all clients will fit the bill for advances promptly.

KCB M-pesa Loan – What are the pertinent office expenses for a KCB M-pesa credit?

  • 30 day credit at 4% every month
  • 90 day credit at 3% every month
  • 180 day credit at 2% every month

NB: Facility expense payable will be deducted forthright and the adjust will be sent to your KCB M-pesa Account.

KCB M-pesa Loan – What is the base and most extreme sum I can get?

The base credit sum is KShs. 50 and the most extreme advance sum is Kshs.1 Million relying upon the client’s credit scoring.

KCB M-pesa Loans – How would I ask for a KCB M-pesa advance?

Dial USSD code *844# and enter KCB M-pesa PIN.

Select “Advance” at that point “ask for advance” and enter sum.

Select the favored period (1, 3, or a half year).

Assets will be exchanged to your KCB M-pesa Account net of office charge.

NB: You will get affirmation message from both KCB M-pesa Account and M-pesa.

KCB M-pesa Loans – How would you reimburse your KCB Mpesa credit by means of M-pesa?

Advance can be ponied up all required funds or in portions from both KCB Mpesa record and Mpesa.

  1. Dial USSD code *844# and enter KCB M-pesa PIN.
  2. Select “Advance” at that point “Pay credit.”
  3. Select installment from either KCB M-pesa record or M-pesa.
  4. Enter Amount to pay.

KCB M-pesa Terms and Conditions

KCB M-pesa Loan Contacts

Postal Address: P. O. Box 66827, 00800 Nairobi

Phone: 0711 087000 or 0732 187000

SMS: 22522

Email: contactcentre@kcb.co.ke

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kcbgroup/

Site: https://ke.kcbbankgroup.com/


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