Uhuru and Miguna

Nairobi lawyer Dr Miguna Miguna may still be in for another series of drama at the JKIA when he lands into the country for the second time after his deportation to Dubai earlier on the year.

This follows Immigration PS Gordon Kihalang’wa information to Kenya National Commission on Human Right (KNCHR) saying he will not issue Miguna Miguna with a new passport even as directed by the high court.

As per report by the Daily Nation, the PS reiterated the outspoken lawyer must regain his Kenyan citizenship first as it was revoked before being issued with a new passport to Kenya.

“The department cannot issue Miguna with a valid Kenyan passport as he has not made any application for the same. Moreover, and without prejudice, we reiterate that Miguna has to regain his Kenyan citizenship before being issued with a Kenyan passport,” Kihalang’wa said in the letter.

He added that the demand to have the government purchase a flight ticket for Miguna was not a part of the court orders.

The PS elaborated on Miguna being allowed access to the Immigration and Customs Clearance Area (ICCA), that was not for his department to do.

He Instead redirected KNCHR to the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA).

Kihalang’wa was replyng to a letter written to the immigration department by the human rights body KNCHR citing court orders.

In the letter by the human rights lobby group, the immigration department was supposed to issue Miguna with a new passport besides facilitating his return to the country.

The department was also expected to pay for the self declared National Resistance Movement (NRM) general’s air ticket from Toronto, Canada to Nairobi, Kenya.

The commission said Miguna’s right of citizenship and other attendant rights had been violated during his first return, and that he was also denied right to fair administrative action.

An earlier report by exposeke.com indicated Miguna had announced he would be back in the country on Wednesday, May 16.

He claimed the High Court had ordered Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i, and seven others to issue him with a valid Kenyan passport.

The High Court orders came after Miguna was ejected out of the country for the second time on Wednesday, March 28, after spending several nights at Jomo Kenyatta International.

Desperate attempts by his lawyers to come to his aid were thwarted after they were kicked out of JKIA as they attempted to serve police and immigration officers with court orders.

Attempts by the vocal lawyer to remain in the country were dimmed as he was forcibly bundled into a Dubai bound plane and deported to Canada despite numerous court orders in his favour.