KPLC tokens delay

Kenyans sometimes experience a delay in getting their KPLC tokens.

This Usually is not an issue on the consumer’s end but rather it is from Kenya power’s end.Token delays normally takes around 30 minutes before getting a feedback but in extreme cases when Kenya power are experiencing machine lag,tokens may be delayed by about 16 hours.kenya power

How to fix KPLC Token delay

Is it accurate to say that you are encountering deferred prepaid power administrations? Contact us through these crisis lines; 95551, 0703 070 707 or 0732 170.

How to find Help in Case of KPLC Prepaid Token Delay

If you are encountering problems with KPLC Token Delay, you can reach out to the KPLC Customer care token via various channels.

1. Twitter and Facebook

The KPLC, Kenya Power Care is one of the most engaging pages on social media. You can find them on Twitter as well @ KenyaPower_Care and KenyaPowerLtd on Facebook. You can simply tweet them or message them about your situation; be sure to add your meter number. The care team will then reply with the token number and cost paid. Each time there is a lag in processing tokens, the social media pages will notify customers in advance. The social media pages further come in handy when asking about the KPLC token prices or any other changes.

2. Email

You can directly email Kenya Power Care via to find out the status of your prepaid tokens. Recognise to indicate your meter number and the amount that you used to purchase the tokens.

3. Telegram

KenyaPower chatbot on Telegram presents real-time updates on feedback on delayed prepaid tokens. The goal of the Kenya Power bot is to make it effortless for consumers to access the status of prepaid and postpaid accounts. When you add the KPLC, Kenya Power bot to your favourite chats, you will get an overview of the services accessible.

4. Call Customer Care

KPLC also has emergency lines for consumers to use in cases such as token delay. Call 95551

alternatively, 0703070707 or +254203287000 or 0711 031 000 or 0732170170 or 020-3201680 or +254203287000 for assistance with the delayed prepaid tokens.

5. Visit the Nearest KPLC Branch

You can also get KPLC token customer care from the nearest KPLC office.

learn more about KPLC tokens here


  1. NAO9DRUI97 Confirmed. Ksh15,000.00 sent to KPLC PREPAID for account 14170109954 on 24/1/19 at 11:37 AM New M-PESA balance is Ksh12,728.59. Transaction cost, Ksh34.00.not yet token kindly assist

  2. I purchased tokens for Kshs.300.00 via MPESA at 11.46pm on 23.01.2019 but have not received the tokens till date despite follow ups through no 95551.They send an sms on 24.01.2019 morning that my complaint was received and that they would send me a ref no shortly.that did not happen.This morning i have called 9551 and they have given me ref. no.4385922.

  3. I have paid 200 to these meter no..37166341018 which I excluded one number with this fone no..0793007498 bt I didn’t receive any token


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