KPMG Kenya

KPMG reports are an everyday thing in our news, thanks to the firm’s distinguished involvement in audit-related exercises. However, other than auditing, do you know of any other services administered by KPMG Kenya? As you will see the organisation’s services do not just stop at verification; there is much more to get from the company than you think. Additionally, you likewise get to know where you can find their offices and how to contact them.

KPMG is a global network connection of firms providing expert services in audit, tax and advisory services. These independent firm members are affiliated to the Swiss entity – KMPG international cooperatives. In the East Africa region, the firm’s practice is in countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania. The regional coordinating office is situated in Nairobi.

KPMG Kenya contacts

If you want to contact the firm for its services or general questions, you can use the reliable communication information given below.

Postal Address:

P.O. Box 40612 – 00100


Email Address:

Facebook page: KMPG @ KMPG

Phone Numbers: +254 20 280 6000

Fax Number: +254 20 221 56 95

KPMG Kenya offices

Nairobi has the regional coordinating office which gives the required networking and support thus facilitating the delivery of timely based services that meet or exceed their customer’s expectations. The Nairobi offices are found on the 8th floor, ABC Towers, along Waiyaki Way.

Services offered by KPMG Kenya

The firm provides the services listed below.

Audit and quality assurance

Audit and assurance in an organisation are often based on their financial statements. Nevertheless, it should be understood that assurance can be implemented to all information used to govern, manage, transact and invest in the organisation. Considering that the market requires more accountability and clarity from companies in all facets of business, assurance on non-financial information can help bring a resolution in the critical decisions which management makes on behalf of the organisation.

The firm’s audit professionals play critical roles of being a committed intermediary between the providers of business and the user of information.


KPMG as a leading tax network is tasked with engaging in the debate and discussion involving tax clarity and responsibility. Considering that tax strategies of national and multinational organisations aroused interest from both public and tax authorities, They jointly work with their clients to establish reliable tax strategies which blend well with the purpose of the tax system of the future. KPMG assists their members to keep in pace with day to day changes. It evaluates in-house resources to determine whether multinational organisations can manage supplemented responsibilities and requirements.

With a global code of conduct, the framework of ethical behaviour for every KPMG members and tax specialists are also bound by the described principles for effective tax practices.

Advisory services

KPMG Kenya grants advisory services. It assists their customers to create and maintain value through:

  • Engaging customers on their terms
  • Leveraging members as strategic assets
  • Transforming risks into a strategic advantage
  • Buying, selling, funding or restructuring their business or partnering with others
  • Converting their data into insight
  • Establishing strategies to change, grow, adapt, shape and respond to disruptive forces
  • Turning their technology vision into reality
  • Mitigating threats to their operations, IT systems and business
  • Optimising their operations and streamlining support functions
  • Embedding governance, risk and compliance throughout their organisation, supply chain and business ecosystems

KPMG also gives advisory services to businesspeople with passion through availing them with the certainty they need for the success of their companies and in their business journeys.

If you were searching for KPMG Kenya services now, you have all the knowledge you need. Also availed to you, is the contact information of the company. You can visit or call for more inquiries.


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