Lionel Messi has been voted as the greatest sportsman of all time after rising tops in an online poll conducted by sports website Give Me Football.

The polls which had been on over the past week saw 16 sporting individuals including Messi placed into four separate groups.

The winner and runner up from each collection met at the semis before the final where the winner was decided.

Some of the candidates listed for group one include the likes of Floyd Mayweather,Lewis Hamilton, Roger Federer, and Serena Williams.

The second group had Tom Brady, Phil Taylor, Michael Phelps, and Lionel Messi in a fierce battle.

In group three, Martina Navratilova,Tiger Woods, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Michael Jordan held sway.

Moreover, in the fourth group LeBron James, Michael Schumacher, Pele, and Muhammad Ali were listed.

In the end, Federer, regarded as one of the world’s prominent athletes after claiming 20 Grand Slams, advanced to the next round.

In the second group, the Barcelona star semerged tops with a total pull of 75% of the votes, making the Argentine one of the top most contenders for the top award.

From the third collection, Ronaldo beat the likes of Brady and Phelps to emerge group winner.

Boxing great Muhammad Ali won group four with some 52% of the vote.

Apart from his great dominance in the ring, Ali also tackled societal vices including inclusivity and equal rights which contributed to making him a sporting legend.

After the semi-finals, Messi and Ali came through their respective groups with 65% and 32% of total votes.

However, in the final challenge, Messi who maintained the top spot with 51% of the 240,800 votes on Facebook, emerged the most celebrated sportsperson of all-time

On the other hand, Messi further won the same poll on Twitter with 53%-47%, to see the Argentine claim double victory.


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