richest Arab countries in the world

Richest Arab countries of 2019: Arabian countries are at least in the top 50 list of the world’s biggest producers and exporters of oil and natural gas. The Arabian Peninsula onward with all the countries that surround it make up the Gulf region. Almost all the nations other than the leading two like Kuwait and Qatar are also quite famous for being the countries with the highest value for their currency. So it is quite right that many of these countries are rich enough to make a meaningful impact on the world’s economy. Here is a look at the top 5 richest Arab countries in the world:

1. Qatar

Qatar is another such country quite adjacent to gulf Nations like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It is additionally one of the largest producers of petroleum and natural gas. Qatar is assumed to have about 14% of the total world stocks of natural gas. This makes the Arab country one of the most significant exporters of natural gas. This is one reason as to why Qatar is the most prosperous Arab country in the world. Some of the docks of Qatar also said to have a maximum capacity of holding approximately 450 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. It is stated to have a Gross Domestic Product of approximately $98,900 which is almost twice the GDP of Kuwait.

2. Kuwait

Kuwait is unquestionably famous throughout the world for having a currency with the highest International value. It is pretty popular also for being one of the wealthiest Arab countries in the world. This has made its huge fortune, particularly with its roaring economy and oil and gas reserves. Latest said to have inclusive gross domestic product per capita of about 45000 US dollars. Consequently, It has made it the second richest Arab country in the world that we know of.

3. United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates utilize its natural resources along with technology to create something much better than anything else in the world. The most fascinating countries in the world are also taken aback when they look at the buildings and architecture in the United Arab Emirates and be it Burj Al Arab or Burj Khalifa even the magnanimous Palm Islands. Almost each beautiful area has been developed in this place mainly because of its oil and gas reserves hand ability of this country to make good use of its natural resources. The United Arab Emirates is one of the best examples for our country that is both developed and is similarly still rich with its natural resources. It is stated to have a Gross Domestic Product (GDP)of $44,500 per capita.

4. Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a small island situated near the Western side of the Persian Gulf. Bahrain is pretty famous for having some of the ideal tourist spots in the world. Besides, it is one of the largest producers of many exciting and exquisite goods. The Arab nation is said to have a net Gross Domestic Product(GDP) of 27900 US dollars per capita and is therefor the fourth richest Arab country in the entire world.

5. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is unquestionably one place which ranked high enough from the beginning as one of the wealthiest Arab countries in the world primarily because it is one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas in the whole world. Even though it runs at the top when it comes to the production of petroleum and petroleum-related products, it stands at the fifth place in this list which clearly implies having resources does not make a country the richest. Arabia is situated in an area which is geographically one of the most ideal locations for the extraction of most resources in the world. It is said to have a Gross Domestic Product of $24,900.

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These countries have accumulated all these fortunes because of the expensive oil and gas reserves. All these countries have well-developed infrastructures and are some of the richest countries in the world.


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