best deodorants and antiperspirants in Kenya

Antiperspirants and Deodorants affect odor as well as prevent sweating by affecting sweat glands. No one wants to spend time with someone who has “the stink.” Consequently, finding the best deodorant for your body figure is crucial. Chances are, you haven’t taken your time or the effort in finding the best deodorant or perspirant . Most Kenyan men and even women take chances when they just walk in and buy the “cheapest” or the “most interesting case” when selecting antiperspirant, but this is not how the process of selecting deodorant should work. There are so many kinds of deodorant in the Kenyan market and elsewhere and we guarantee that we can help you find the best antiperspirant for you! If you can’t just stop sweating excessively, we’ll push you in the right way to keep you dry and smell-free by picking the best deodorant for you!

This exclusive post will give you advice on the best deodorant and antiperspirants for Kenyan men and women alike who excessively sweat. Also, our guide will educate you on the types of deodorant that are out there in the kenyan skincare market!

To shield your underarms from excess moisture, smell and chaffing here are the five top-rated tried and tested deodorants and antiperspirants that actually work. Whether you are a spray on a stick or roll-on girl, these options will keep you fresh all day.

best deodorants and antiperspirants in Kenya

1.Dove Invisible dry spray

It guarantees to protect you from wetness and odor for up to 48 long hours while relaxing your underarm skin. This alcohol-free splash does not stain, and with 25% moisturizer, it benefits with pain alleviation from razor burns.

2.Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Anti-Perspirant

If you want to give your armpits a treat, splurge on a designer spray like the Donna Karan which has a luxe scent and smooth feel just as plush as it sounds.


You can never go wrong with Nivea. The deodorant gives effective protection against wetness and odor while tenderly caring for the armpit skin and protecting it from irritations. What even makes it better is that Nivea deodorants are suitable for all skin types.

4.Degree Black and White

If you have a fast-paced life where extreme perspiration is an issue, Degree’s innovative deodorant and antiperspirant stick feature an advanced MotionSense technology created to keep up. It further goes on clear and lasts up to 48 hours.

5.Coconut oil

You are apparently wondering why coconut oil made it to this list. Well, it is because it is one of the best natural alternatives available, affordable and it really works. For a simple domestic made deodorant, mix it with baking soda and an essential oil of your choice.


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