List of best interior design companies in Kenya

An interior designing process is a form of art which is applied to style and enhance the design of your home. The Interior designers are imaginative people, and they are composed and disciplined businessperson with an artistic perception; selected to change the way the interior of a house looks like. In this conclusive article, we will talk regarding interior design companies in Kenya. If you reside in Kenya and you are looking for the best company to redesign your home’s interior, check out our listing of companies and choose for yourself.

Best interior design companies in Kenya

In Kenya, interior designers operate in both residential and commercial surroundings. A lot of Kenyan designers exercise in both residential and commercial settings, even though they certainly do either of the two. In Kenya, internal designers need to be informed regarding the business requirements of clients. It is because of this idea the designers there concentrate on specialisations. For example, some designers resolve to work to design clinics or other healthcare divisions, while some may fancy restaurant designing.

There are a lot of diverse areas of specialisation in interior designing. Some may be highly specialised while others may be simpler.List of interior design companies in Kenya

Kenslay Interiors

Ted Macharia and Eric Onsarigo hold Kenslay Interiors. Their designer style mostly focuses on the elegant urban styling of interiors. They conclude their creative work with a mix of mixed textures and careful marshalling of scales, thus creating something unique and unpredictable.

Although regularly minimalistic, they do know where they need to throw in a pinch of bright colour and make their simplistic design look eye appealing. If you did not recognise, the Governor’s office in Nyamira County is one of their various projects. Also, the Grand Thornton, Mirage building, and The One Beauty Spa are other remarkable of their other designer projects.

Interior places

Located in Nairobi, Interior Places is merely a 27-people designing company. The company have worked on several projects such as the Oval at Westlands, Revitalize Health and Wellness Center, Airtel Africa. They are also well recognised for having worked on interiors of celebrity houses such as Dj Mista Dru, and Oga Obinna.

They have different projects that incorporate lighting, interior finishing products, paintwork, and gypsum ceiling.

African Eye Crafts

List of interior design companies in Kenya

They are An interior decoration company in Kenya, African Eye Crafts deal in designing and creation of unique home decoration. They likewise provide branding and decoration plans to house owners and corporate alike. Their products essentially include murals mirrors and vinyl.

Zidaka Interiors

Chartered in the year 2008, Zidaka Homes Ltd, under Zidaka Interiors is an interior design company working for commercial spaces, hospitality spaces, and private homes. Ever since its founding, the company has evolved immensely. They look forward to co-operating with customers to create something singular and according to the clients’ demands.Interior design companies in Kenya,Zidaka Interiors

Their vision is to grow an international Interior Design House and be a trendsetter in the market for interior designing and be the choice both locally and regionally.

Pulsaris Designs

The Pulsaris Designs is an interior design company that can make your project happen right from the idea until providing a full turnkey solution. Located in Mombasa, Pulsaris Designs offer functional and sophisticated solutions to residential, commercial spaces. Moreover, corporate spaces. They can custom build furniture and fixtures or purchase them direct from your preferred retailer matching your budget and favourites accordingly.

Some of their designs include Golf Villas, and Taj Gems which are jewellery shops; HealthPlus Pharmacy, and Coastal Image Technologies Ltd.

Unity Makers

The company, Unity Makers, are a team of modern interior designers who make modern designer furniture for their clients. They can work on making your furniture for gardens, dining room, living room, bedroom, etc. also, they also build and design custom design furniture.

Whatever your requirement be, if you are seeking for a taste of latest designing, they can create things that are attractive and accommodates your style and space.

Creo Interiors

Creo Interiors has their headquarters in Nairobi and works all over East Africa. Their expertise is in interiors, visual displays, custom fabrication, signage, and kiosks. Creo Interiors design your work and deliver anywhere within East Africa.

Smart Focus Estate

Well, run, Smart Focus caters for a variety of services starting from Construction of Apartments, maintenance of rental houses, management of rental dwellings, gardening, purchase and sale of land, and provision of security personnel.

So, this is a listing of top companies in Kenya that can get your home or workplace lit and makes you appear unique in the specified way you needed them to. That having been said, there are many other interior design companies in Kenya you can look up in case you do not favour our list and want to try your opinions on other design companies.

De’core Galore Designs

De’core Galore Designs
This design company provides professional design services for your home and office. The service from conceptual sketches to specification books and work appropriately to construct you a designer interior for your workplace or home.

They work cooperatively with architects and builders throughout the whole process of planning, developing, and constructing.

Lemorgan Designs

The company houses a team of extremely creative and remarkably motivated designers. They work to give a full range of feasible design solutions is not just interior designing, but also graphic designing all across the East African market.

Looking for interior design schools in Kenya?

Not everybody may be interested in getting their interior decorated. Several people are looking for courses in interior design. If you are of those people, then you have opted for a creative option that will test your skills and imagination at a standard level.

Want to but don’t know about colleges that provide diploma in Interior Design? Do not worry, and we will tell you the names of a few colleges from where you can get your diploma in Interior Design.

  • Kenya Polytechnic University College (Nairobi)
  • Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts (Nairobi)
  • Africa Digital Media Institute (Nairobi)
  • Consolata Institute of Communications and Technology (Nyeri)
  • Nairobi Institute of Technology (Nairobi)
  • Ashley’s Beauty College (Nairobi)
  • N.E.P technical Training Institute (Garissa)
  • Augustana College (Nairobi)
  • Evelyn College of Design (Nairobi)

Diploma offering Universities in Kenya

  • Catholic University of Eastern Africa (Nairobi)
  • JKUAT Institute of Computer Science and Information Technology (Juja)
  • Maseno University (Kisumu)
  • Kenyatta University (Nairobi)
  • Machakos University College (Machakos)

Presently, Kenya has seen a huge improvement all around the country. With education taking up the region, many things have changed. At the present, Kenya is moving up and fast. It has improved a lot since the 1960s and is making steady progress towards being a welfare state.

Interior design Kenya may seem somewhat new to many but believe us when we say it has been there for a while. It must have been something not as high as being a doctor, but with the continuously changing world, interior design has got attention and has also inspired many students to take part in this course and grow up to be a fantastic designer. Currently, you will be amazed to see some small house designs in Kenya. They000 have been made to perfection, and the existence of such designer work will catch anybody’s attention.


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