List of best loan and money apps in Kenya

Cell phones have persistently turned out to be renowned among Kenyans and it is undoubted that greater part race to their cell phones for that brisk loan if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis.

Borrowers of ks100 shillings to 50,000 shillings can get moment approval with cash saved legitimately into their Mpesa accounts. It is, be that as it may, fitting to check your CRB status to ensure you are not boycotted.

List of best loan apps in Kenya

  1. Mshwari by Safaricom
  2. KCB Mpesa Loans
  3. Tala Loans app
  4. Branch Loans
  5. Saida Loans
  6. Okoa Stima loan
  7. Kopaa chapaa
  8. Zidisha loans
  9. Stawika
  10. Timiza from Barclays
  11. Okash


KCB Mpesa and Mshwari are not open to everybody except if you are a customer of either KCB Bank or Safaricom Plc.


Mshwari is offered to Safaricom clients as it were. It was established in 2012 by M-PESA in association with the Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) and is henceforth offered through M-Pesa.

The base loan sum one can obtain is 100 shillings while the most extreme loan limit is set by the app relying upon the amount one spares and how frequently. To fit the bill for a higher loan limit, one needs to be reimbursed the first loaned sum on schedule.

Mshwari loans draw in a financing cost of 7.5 percent and the borrower is given a reimbursement term of 30 days. The loaned sum is sent to M-Pesa in under 5 minutes.

Mshwari is viewed as one of the quickest and least demanding portable loan arrangements with least prerequisites to process.

What You Need To Qualify For a Mshwari Loan

Be a Safaricom customer.

Claim an enlisted Mpesa sim card dynamic for somewhere around six Months.

Claim a functioning Mshwari account

Have a refreshed Mpesa menu

2.Tala (Formerly Mkopo Rahisi)

Tala which was recently known as Mkopo Rahisi is one of the oldies in the snappy cash bank business.

Mkopo Rahisi was propelled in 2014 and was later rebranded as Tala. It expects one to have the App downloaded onto their cell phone from the Google Play store. The app should then be connected to the borrower’s Facebook account after which one answers a few individual inquiries.

A decent Mpesa record is considered before one can fit the bill for a loan and one ought to along these lines not erase their Mpesa messages. The cash loaned is sent to your Mpesa account. The base one can obtain from Tala is 500 shillings and the greatest is 50,000 shillings at a loan fee of 15 percent.

Tala loans are paid back in week after week portions for 3 weeks through Mpesa PayBill number 851900.


Branch International Inc., a San Francisco-based organization with a branch in Nairobi, was propelled in Kenya in 2015.

To meet all requirements for a loan with Branch, you should be an enrolled Mpesa client and furthermore have a functioning Facebook account have a real dynamic Facebook account with usernames coordinating those in your National Identity card.

Download and introduce Branch app from the Google Play store connect your Facebook record to the App and give the required data like Phone number and National Identity number. Confirm your Phone number by tapping on the connection sent to your telephone number in an instant message.

The base Loan limit Branch offers is 1000 shillings while the most extreme loan limit isn’t built up.

The cash loaned is then sent to your Mpesa inside a couple of minutes. The intrigue charged on the branch loan is reliant on the reimbursement of the week after week portions.


Saida expects one to be enrolled on Mpesa or Airtel cash and the records Must be dynamic in exchanges.

Saida screens its borrower’s Mpesa and Airtel cash exchanges to decide if they can reimburse the loan. To get to Saida loan, download the app from the Play store, fill in your versatile number and trust that a welcome will get to loans. The welcome could take 3 – 7 days before being approved.

Saida offers a Minimum loan farthest point of 600 shillings up to a limit of 25,000 shillings at a 10 percent financing cost. The cash loaned is sent to the borrower’s Mpesa account and is paid back on a similar stage utilizing the Mpesa Paybill number 854400 inside 30 Days of acquiring.

5. OKOA Stima

Established by the Kenya Power in association with Safaricom in 2015, Okoa Stima is advantageous when the electric influence token channels and one doesn’t have the cash to buy right away.

With a 10 percent premium, the base loan sum one can get is 100 shillings while the most extreme is 2000 shillings and the cash is kept into the borrower’s Mpesa account inside a limit of 7 days.


Kopa Chapaa is encouraged by Faulu Kenya and for one to meet all requirements for a loan they have to effectively utilize their Airtel cash sim card for a half year. The base loan limit is 500 shillings and the most extreme point of confinement is 100,000 shillings loan with installment term of 10 Days.

7. Zidisha Loans

This loan service, a universal non-benefit association established in 2008, is a stage that loans cash to individual or business associations through an online stage that matches banks legitimately to borrowers.

Zidisha interfaces borrowers from Kenya and crosswise over Africa, with leasers from North America and Europe. To fit the bill for a loan with Zidisha, you have to;

  • Be utilized or have a functioning business
  • Be of good direct and notoriety
  • Have a decent financial assessment record
  • Be dynamic online to have the capacity to react to Zidisha inquiries and items on their site
  • Hold a functioning Facebook account with great social associations
  • Dwell in a nation where Zidisha as of now works.

Be capable and focused on posting regular updates and surveys in regards to the utilization of the loan and advancement of the business on the Zidisha site.

8.Stawika Loan App

This loan company, possessed by Stawika Capital, is an app that naturally assesses cell phone information and different variables to dole out loans.

Stawika additionally utilizes data from the CRB to guarantee its borrower isn’t recorded on CRB before applying for a loan.

Stawika charges a financing cost of 15 percent and the loan is repayable through Mpesa.

9.Timiza App by Barclays

Timiza by Barclays Kenya is available to anyone with a cell phone and one doesn’t really need a Barclays record to utilize the loan App.

It is additionally suggested for sparing and one builds their odds of getting a loan by keeping cash into the App through M-Pesa.

Timiza can be gotten to by dialing *848# on your cell phone if the telephone is definitely not a brilliant device.

10.KCB M-Pesa

The KCB Mpesa which is an association between the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) with Mpesa through Safaricom was established in 2015.

KCB M-Pesa enables one to get without fundamentally sparing with KCB. The cash loaned is sent to one’s Mpesa account. KCB Mpesa Menu in incorporated on Mpesa in all enlisted Safaricom lines.

It offers 50 shillings as the base loan limit and 1,000,000 shillings as the most extreme loan limit. The loan aggregates enthusiasm at a rate of 1.16 percent every month with a coincidental exchange charge of 2.5 percent. A month’s loan draws in an expense of 3.66 percent of extract obligation applicable to charges.

To expand your loan limit on KCB Mpesa, one must be dynamic in their Mpesa exchanges. It is critical to take note of that KCB M-Pesa and Mshwari are open through Mpesa Menu on Safaricom enrolled sim cards and KCB Mpesa is likewise accessible through the KCB App.

To meet all requirements for a versatile loan on KCB M-Pesa, one must;

Be an enrolled and dynamic Safaricom M-Pesa client for a half year.

Dial *844# and pursue client prompts to actuate our KCB-Mpesa account.


Okash loan app download and Application steps

Upon fruition, Okash will decide your loan limit dependent on the subtleties you have given. As yet, you need a loan so you can wrap up the application by choosing a figure between your loan limit and the period that you wish to repay the loan. The loan sum will be sent to your portable number with the goal that you can get to it by means of Mpesa.

Loans from Okash have a 14% financing cost to such an extent that each Ksh 1000 acquired draws in an enthusiasm of Ksh 140. Preferably, the financing cost might be high, yet your desperation of a loan will be fixed.

Okash loan repayment

It is easy to repay the loan you’ve taken from Okash. Every one of the means are legitimately accessible inside the App itself.

To repay your loan open the app and select “Make a Repayment” catch. This will take you legitimately to Mpesa menu.

Once on the M-Pesa Menu, fill in your subtleties and Pin at that point pay. That is that it is so easy to repay your loan from Okash.


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