List of courses offered at Masinde Muliro University-MMUST

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, MMUST formerly Western University College of Science and Technology, is a state public university in Kenya. The institution is named after Masinde Muliro, a popular Kenyan politician who helped found the institution. Muliro died in 1992. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology began as Western College of Arts and Applied Sciences. In the year 1972, former Cabinet Minister Masinde Muliro was the director of the project committee. The first scholars joined in 1977 to study certificate and diploma courses in engineering motor vehicle, mechanical, electrical and electronic agriculture, water, building, architecture, accounting, and finance.

In the year 2002, it became Western University College of Science and Technology and a constituent of Moi University. In the year 2007, President Kibaki hoisted it to a full university and then changed its name to Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology.

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List of courses offered at Masinde Muliro University-MMUST

Certificate Courses

Certificate in Disaster management (Options)

  1. Environmental Impact assessment (EIA), Audit and Planning Logistics
  2. Disaster Preparedness and Engineering Reconstruction
  3. Conflict Management and Resolution
  4.  Emergency Planning and Disaster Management
  5.  Humanitarian Assistance and Conflict Resolution
  6. Disaster Preparedness and Risk Management
  7. Environmental Infrastructure, Engineering and Maintenance
  8. Disaster Epidemiology and Health

Certificate in Ethics and Corruption Studies in any of the following units:

  1. Corruption Prevention Methods
  2. Corruption Research, Monitoring & Evaluation
  3. Corruption Detection, Reporting & the Legal Framework
  4. Forensic Science, Banking Fraud & Money Laundering Instigations
  5. Certificate in Business Management
  6. Certificate in Social Work & Community Development 5. Certificate in Criminology & Criminal Justice
  7. Certificate in Information Technology
  8. Bridging Certificate in Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Physics and Biology
  9. Certificate in Team Building and Life Skills Training
  10. Certificate in Advanced Management
  11. Certificate in Innovation
  12. Certificate in Capacity Building in ICT and Pedagogy
  13. Certificate in Leadership and Professional Development
  14. Certificate in Radio Broadcasting

Masinde Muliro University Diploma Courses Offered

  1. Diploma in Disaster Management
  2. Diploma in Ethics and Corruption Studies
  3. Diploma in Public Relations and Creative Advertisement
  4. Diploma in Business Management
  5. Diploma in Criminology & Criminal Justice
  6. Diploma in Social Work & Community Development
  7. Diploma in Information Technology
  8. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  9. Diploma in Civil & Structural Engineering
  10. Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  11. Diploma in Human Nutrition & Dietetics

Masinde Muliro University Courses Offered: MMUST Undergraduate Degree Courses

  1. Bachelor of Science (In Industrial Chemistry)
  2. Bachelor of Science (In Mathematics)
  3. Bachelor of Science (In Biology)
  4. Bachelor of Science (In Biochemistry)
  5. Bachelor of Science (In Computer Science)
  6. Bachelor of Science (In Nursing)
  7. Bachelor of Commerce
  8. Bachelor of Education Arts
  9. Bachelor of Criminology
  10. Bachelor of Education (In Science)
  11. Bachelor of Social Work
  12. Bachelor of Economics
  13. Bachelor of Science (In Information Systems And Knowledge Management)
  14. Bachelor of Business Management
  15. Bachelor of Science (In Applied Statistics, With It)
  16. Bachelor of Education (In Early Childhood Education)
  17. Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication
  18. Bachelor of Science (In Environmental Health)
  19. Bachelor of Technology Education (In Building Construction)
  20. Bachelor of Science (In Medical Laboratory)
  21. Bachelor of Science (In Occupational Safety And Health)
  22. Bachelor of Science (In Environmental Science)
  23. Bachelor of Science (In Agriculture Economics & Resource Management)
  24. Bachelor of Science (In Biotechnology)
  25. Bachelor of Science (In Information Technology)
  26. Bachelor of Science (In Electrical And Communication Engineering)
  27. Bachelor of Science (based In Mechanical And Industrial Engineering)
  28. Bachelor of Science In AgribusIness Management And MarketIng
  29. Bachelor of Education (In French)
  30. Bachelor of Science In Animal Production & Processing
  31. Bachelor of Development Studies
  32. Bachelor of Education (In Physical Education)
  33. Bachelor of Education In Technology (In Mechanical Engineering)
  34. Bachelor of Education In Technology (In Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
  35. Bachelor of Education In Technology (In Civil Engineering)
  36. Bachelor of Science (In Natural Resources Management)
  37. Bachelor of Science (In Physics With Appropriate Technology)
  38. Bachelor of Science (In Food Science & Technology )
  39. Bachelor of Science (In Emergency Management & Humanitarian Assistance)
  40. Bachelor of Science (In Peace Studies & Disaster Management)
  41. Bachelor of Science (In Human Nutrition And Dietetics)
  42. Bachelor of Science (In Mathematics With It)
  43. Bachelor of Science (In Agriculture Education & Extension)
  44. Bachelor of Science (In Community Health And Development)
  45. Bachelor of Science (In Hospitality & Institutional Management)
  46. Bachelor of Technology In Cosmetology
  47. Bachelor of Science (In Health Promotion And Sports Science)
  48. Bachelor of Technology Education (In Computer Studies)
  49. Bachelor of Science (In Paramedic Science)
  50. Bachelor of Science (In Physiotherapy)
  51. Bachelor of Science (In Accounting)
  52. Bachelor of Science (In Medical Social Work)
  53. Bachelor of Science (In Chemistry)
  54. Bachelor of Science In Fisheries And Aquaculture
  55. Bachelor of Science (In Renewable Energy And Technology)
  56. Bachelor of Science (In Renewable Energy And Bio-Fuels Technology)
  57. Bachelor of Science In (In Geographic Information Systems)
  58. Bachelor of Science In Global Community Health And Emporiatrics
  59. Bachelor of Science (In Bio-Resources Management And Conservation)
  60. Bachelor of Science (In Mathematics & Economics, With It
  61. Bachelor of Science In Medical Biotechnology
  62. Bachelor of Science (In Agriculture And Biotechnology)
  63. Bachelor of Science (In Conflict Resolution And Humanitarian Assistance)
  64. Bachelor of Science (In Sugar And Agro-Processing Technology)
  65. Bachelor of Science (In Optometry And Vision Sciences)
  66. Bachelor of Science (In Civil And Structural Engineering)
  67. Bachelor of Science (In Renewable Energy Technology)
  68. Bachelor of Science In Midwifery
  69. Bachelor of Science In Epidemiology And Biostatistics
  70. Bachelor of Disaster Management & International Diplomacy
  71. Bachelor of Science (In Disaster Preparedness And EngIneerIng Management
  72. Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies
  73. Bachelor of Science (In Disaster Mitigation And Sustainable Development)
  74. Bachelor of Science (In Environment Management And Conservation)

Masinde Muliro University Courses: MMUST Master Courses

  1. Master of Arts Applied Linguistics)
  2. Master of Arts Comparative Literature)
  3. Master of Arts Economics)
  4. Master of Arts History)
  5. Master of Arts (In Religion)
  6. Master of Business Administration
  7. Master of Diplomacy and international Relations
  8. Master of Education (In Curriculum & instruction)
  9. Master of Education (In Economics and Management Education)
  10. Master of Education (In Educational Management & Policy Studies)
  11. Master of Education (Educational Planning & Management)
  12. Master of Education (In English)
  13. Master of Education (Guidance and Counseling)
  14. Master of Education (Mathematics)
  15. Master of Education (Science Education)
  16. Master of Peace and Conflict Studies
  17. Master of Science (Agricultural Information &
  18. Master of Communication Management)
  19. Master of Science (Applied Mathematics)
  20. Master of Science (Chemistry)
  21. Master of Science (Conflict Management, Resolution and
  22. Master of Humanitarian Assistance)
  23. Master of Science (Crop Protection)
  24. Master of Science (Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance)
  25. Master of Science (Disaster Mitigation and Sustainable Development)
  26. Master of Science (Disaster Preparedness and
  27. Master of Environmental Technology)
  28. Master of Science (Environmental Biology)
  29. Master of Science (Human Resource Management)
  30. Master of Science (Industrial Engineering and Management)
  31. Master of Science (Information Technology)
  32. Master of Science (Medical Parasitology)
  33. Master of Science Peace and Conflict Studies)
  34. Master of Science Physics)
  35. Master of Science Pure Mathematics)
  36. Master of Science Science Education)
  37. Master of Science Statistics)
  38. Master of Science Structural Engineering)
  39. Master of Science Water Resources Management

Masinde Muliro University Courses: MMUST Postgraduate Diploma Courses

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Conflict Management and Resolution
  2. Postgraduate Diploma in Disaster Management & Humatarian Assistance
  3. Postgraduate Diploma in Disaster Management & Sustainable Development
  4. Postgraduate Diploma in Disaster Preparedness & Engineering Management
  5. Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership
  6. Postgraduate Diploma in Peace, Cohension & Integration Studies
  7. Postgraduate Diploma in Secondary Education

Masinde Muliro University Courses – Doctoral Programmes

  1. PhD in Diplomacy and International Relations
  2. PhD in climate change
  3. PhD in Disaster Preparedness and Engineering Management
  4. PhD in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance
  5. PhD in Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution
  6. PhD in Disaster management and Sustainable Development
  7. PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies
  8. PhD in Communication Studies
  9. PhD in French
  10. PhD in English Education
  11. PhD in English (Applied Linguistics)
  12. PhD in Literature
  13. PhD in Science Education
  14. PhD in Mathematics Education
  15. PhD in Religion
  16. PhD in History
  17. PhD in Curriculum and Instruction
  18. PhD in Kiswahili Education
  19. PhD in Kiswahili Literature
  20. PhD in Kiswahili Linguistics
  21. PhD in Educational Planning and Management
  22. PhD in Economics and Management of Education
  23. PhD in Educational Management and Policy Studies
  24. PhD in Educational Psychology
  25. PhD in Education in Management of Education in Emergencies
  26. PhD in Information Technology
  27. PhD in Pure Mathematics
  28. PhD in Applied Mathematics
  29. PhD in Statistics
  30. PhD in Environmental Science
  31. PhD in Chemistry
  32. PhD in Physics
  33. PhD in Crop Protection
  34. PhD in Fish Biology and Aquaculture
  35. PhD in Applied Entomology
  36. PhD in Molecular Biology
  37. PhD in Immunology
  38. PhD in Bioinformatics
  39. PhD in Natural Resource Management
  40. PhD in Animal Physiology
  41. PhD in Medical Parasitology
  42. PhD in Microbiology
  43. PhD in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
  44. PhD in Sustainable Agricultural Systems
  45. PhD in Crop Protection
  46. PhD in Fish Biology and Aquaculture
  47. PhD In Business Administration

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