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Have you ever been along Mombasa road and encountered many trucks carrying containers bearing the name Maersk? If yes, possibly you did not give much thought on the name, right? Maersk Kenya is section of the Maersk conglomeration whose headquarters are in Denmark. It is the biggest transportation company in the world and has offices in almost all countries Kenya included.

Container shipment is one of the most sensitive jobs in the country. It is, therefore, necessary to choose a reliable and trustworthy company to do that on your behalf. One of such shipment companies is Maersk Kenya. Its services are flexible, fast, cheap, safe, and eco-efficient. Below is a collection of the company contacts and the services it offers.

Services offered by Maersk Kenya Limited

Maersk is the world’s largest shipping company at the moment. Therefore, you can be sure that their shipping services are one of the best on the entire planet. They mainly offer shipping and cargo services. The business provides services to everyone despite of his/her race, the commodity he/she is transporting, business or critical markets.Maersk Kenya

Whether you are a small or even a large business, the company has got you covered with its regular departures and arrivals on notable lanes. The following are the transportation and cargo services the company provides to its customers:

1. Ocean transport

It moves over 12 million shipment containers to all the edges of the world. They do so via the water.

2. Inland services

If you need any cargo to be transported from one area to another through the land, the company has got you covered too. They have global and sturdy inland services through railway, large trucks or barge that will move your freight from the factory to your store’s doorstep.

3. Cargo and financial services

When it comes to globally combined legists, Maersk Kenya Limited are the experts. They provide a substantial compensation and economical solution to meet the needs of their customers or end to end supply chain requirements.

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This company mainly transports the following categories of commodities:

  • Agriculture
  • Apparel and footwear
  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Machinery
  • Oversized cargos
  • Proteins
  • Dangerous Cargo
  • Electronics
  • Fish and Seafood
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Pharmaceuticals

Maersk Kenya Limited head office contacts

  • Physical location: DTB Center, Block C, 1st Floor, Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Postal address: P.O Box: 43986-00100, Nairobi
  • Phone number 1: +254 20 828910
  • Phone number 2: +254 709 928000
  • Email address:
  • Official website:

If you are near the capital city, then you can use the contacts above. From Monday to Friday, they work between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm while on Saturday operation is from 9.00 pm and 12.00 noon. However, on Sundays, they do not open their offices. If you use their email, be patient as they will reply within two working days.

Maersk Kenya Limited Mombasa contacts

  • Physical location: Maritime Center Archbishop Makarios Close, Off Moi Avenue, Mombasa.
  • Postal address: P. O. Box: 89911 – 80100, Mombasa
  • Phone number: +254 41 215 0006

For convenience, the company also has a branch office in Mombasa region where most of the shipments are made. They operate from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm on weekdays and 9.00 am to 12.00 noon on Saturdays. Just like the head office, this branch doesn’t operate on Sundays. For more information or any questions use the contact details above to reach out.

Maersk Kenya Limited provides a wide range of services that can benefit Kenyan people in business who frequently ship items from abroad. Their office contacts have eased accessibility, communication and availability in the country. Reach out today for any assistance or queries.


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