Gathoni Wa Nganga

Scrolling through the circles of social media, it is quite easy to discern men have now found a new favourite TV station.

The funny thing is the station only offers news in Kikuyu language and some loyal watchers have been camping on their screens despite not knowing even one word of the conversation.

Lol! There is a simplistic, beautiful reason behind this and her name is Gathoni wa Ng’ang’a.

She is a mixture of beautiful, soft-spoken, slightly bubbly and quite the queen of breaking necks…and news too.

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Issa Twin-Twin situway-shon @ngina_ngugi1. Styled by @njoki.mohammed Makeup by @fridahkamuhu. Hair done by @jony_hairdesigner

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Why? You may ask, well she has a body that will put a soda bottle to shame since her curves are like nothing you have seen before.

With a face that kind of resembles former Mother-in-law actress Celina, Gathoni is the perfect definition of beauty and brains.

Her fashion sense is out of this world and there is nothing on her body that does not instantly scream perfection.

The TV presenter’s perfect ebony skin is what all melanin queens dream of and her dresses are always tailored to perfection.

She speaks with so much confidence and oh boy, her voice can soothe a crying baby back to sleep.

Men on social media err, even ladies, cannot stop singing her praises and filling their timelines with compliments towards the hot reporter.

We see what they see, and we like it!


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