Winnie Odinga
Winnie Odinga

Raila Odinga ‘s daughter Winnie Odinga is proving to be a jack of many trades as she lately took to social media to display her sultry side, to the delight of thirsty men.

It was only lately when the outspoken Winnie was trending all over social media after showing Twitter that she could not be picked on just because she is the daughter of one of the most iconic political personalities in the country’s history.

On Saturday, March 30, Raila’s last born daughter was at it again on social media although this time, she drew the attention for all the right reasons as she took to show the world that she was more than a politician’s daughter.

In a photo accessed by, a sultry-looking Winnie is clad in a sleek red dress – standard for the Nairobi night life, as she casually sat on what we can only assume is a waiting lounge at some lush hotel.

If her caption is anything to go by, she decided to dress up for a special occasion and take some time off the casual jeans looks.

“Good evening folks! (Not everyday jeans, ladies unpredictability is everything),” she wrote.
As expected, the stunning look served by Winnie to the online masses made netizens, particularly the male battalion, to briefly forget she was a public figure for a completely different reason.

In fact from the comments that were doing circles, essentially everyone was complementing the 29-year old as some actually tried their luck with her online.

Winnie Odinga by now must be used to the flirtations displays she receives online especially after a bold man recently asked for her hand in marriage.

It was a move that was as funny as it was bold as the man wanted to marry Winnie simply because he had immense adoration for opposition leader Raila


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