Miguna Miguna returns to kenya

Kenyan government has now issued a warning to the self proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM)  general, Dr Miguna Miguna, will not enter the country if he will fail to produce his travel credentials.

This has been emphasized by the Foreign Affairs CS Monica Juma on Tuesday amid news on the general’s planed return.

“I want to state categorically that the government will not deny Miguna Miguna entry to Kenya but he has to follow the due process that are required by the laws of Kenya and international laws,” the CS said in Twitter handle seen by exposeke.com .

Juma warned Miguna Miguna that he also risked being re-deported back to Canada if he will fail to apply for a new Kenyan passport  as had been indicated by the Immigration Department.

The CS said Miguna Miguna should not believe that he is more of a Kenyan than the others and that any special handling will be given to him.

Juma added that the barrister had renounced his Kenyan citizenship and that he remains a security threat to the nation especially because of his conduct.

“Deportation of Miguna Miguna peremptory because he thinks his citizenship was overriding other citizens with his filthy and haughty behavior. He is a threat to the security of this great nation, therefore he has to follow the right procedure to get his citizenship after denouncing it,” she said.

And as usual, Miguna abruptly reacted to the Tweet by the CS and he did not have any kind word for her.

“Mrs Kagwanja, your language and attitude here is primitive. Your illegitimate regime’s illegal destruction of my house and passport, detention, torture and forceful removal in disobedience of 13 court orders demonstrates barbarism. Post proof that I renounced my citizenship,” he said.

The Nairobi lawyer was deported back to Canada on March 28, 2018, following days of drama and chaos at the JKIA after his first return from deportation.