Miguna Miguna in KTN news

Self declared NRM General Dr. Miguna Miguna has said he is a Kenyan and even knows where his placenta was buried.
Speaking a while ago to KTN Prime, Dr. Miguna told Akisa Wandera that the despots injected him on the feet, ribs and hands and despite the pain, he has not been given proper medication.
He narrated that earlier today an unknown man tried to break into his room and that he had to seek help fro the receptionist. He said that the reception could not recognize the man either.
Dr. Miguna told Akisa that he expects to go back to his motherland on his free will and that no one should coerce him to go anywhere.
He said that over a hundred men descended on him and about 40 pinned him to the ground and injected him repeatedly.
He said had it not be for the intoxication, he wouldn’t have left Nairobi.
“ When I was in the toilet cell at JKIA, more than a hundred men descended on me. About forty to fifty of them grabbed me and outfoxed me, then pinned me to the ground. That is how they managed to inject me” Said Dr. Miguna.
He said that he regained his conciousness when he arrived in Dubai airport.
“ The chemicals they injected me with are still in my system and I urgently need medical attention to ascertain my health status. Everyone knows that I am a Kenyan. I was bornin Kenya I know where my placenta was buried in Nyando. I went to Primary school in Kenya, I went to secondary school in Kenya and I went to university in Kenya until President Moi locked me incommunicado at Nyayo house torture chamber”
He added.


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