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The slumped William Ruto’s visit to meet resigned President Daniel arap Moi was a set up by tasteless pioneers who needed to humiliate the appointee president, a nearby partner of Gideon Moi said.

Ruto got himself stranded at Moi’s Kabarak home in Nakuru on Thursday, May 4, after he was made to sit tight for quite a long time to meet the previous Head of State futile.

Afterward, exposeke.com was educated Moi had been accepting his booked treatment at the time Ruto touched base at his home and in this way was not able hold talks.


An announcement from Moi’s office recognized Ruto’s visit yet said the previous President was not in a situation to meet him clarifying a later gathering would be set.

“Ruto who was joined by Energy CS Charles Keter, Ainabkoi MP William Chepkut and legal advisor Stephen Kipkenda were invited and eaten at Mzee’s Kabarak home. Sadly, this harmonized with the time Mzee Moi was experiencing routine physical exercise with his specialists. Mzee Moi consented to meet the guests at advantageous time one more day in the exact not so distant future,” said the announcement.

Inquiries had been raised on why Moi censured Ruto yet he had an arrangement to meet the senior Moi.

Baringo Senator and Ruto’s intense adversary Gideon Moi was rebuked for the incident with commentators saying he was the one disappointing the DP as they are altogether peering toward the administration in 2022.

In any case, Tiaty MP William Kamket who is a nearby partner of the Senator said Ruto had been tricked into going by Moi yet there had been no arrangement.

He said what happened was much the same as trespass and that the pioneers who set-up the DP ought to be captured and arraigned.

“There are cheats who deceived Ruto they had secured a meeting with Moi at Kabarak yet Mzee (Moi) had no data. Presently they have embarssed an entire DP. I don’t have a clue about what’s their concern,” Kamket said.

The KANU Party


“The MPs who deceived the DP William Ruto into a non-existent meeting with Retired President Moi at Kabarak must be researched for making humiliation the DP and Trespass.” ~ Hon. @bkamket (MP Tiaty).

11:59 PM – May 3, 2018

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Ruto was following the strides of President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA pioneer Raila Odinga who have all gone by and held converses with the previous president.

The visits have been seen in political circles as methodologies by the three noteworthy political administrations to create a method for staying in control after Uhuru serves his required two terms by 2022.

Ruto is to a great extent observed as an untouchable and intellectuals say the groups of Kenyatta, Moi and Odinga were not quick to see Ruto climb to control.

That Moi’s child, Gideon, likewise has presidential aspirations, confounds the issue as he fights with Ruto over the control of vote-rich Rift Valley.


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