Best female rappers in Kenya

Kenya’s music industry is composed of a larger percentage of male artists. Female artists are few but they are not left behind. They are coming with a big force. Not only in the genres of R and B music but also in the male-dominated rap music. A few years ago, female rappers like Nazizi and Stella Mwangi made a huge impact. They ushered in a new era of fierce female rappers who do not take defeat lightly. Here are new kids on the block as far as female rappers are concerned. In this post, we will highlight some of the best female rappers in Kenya today.

Femi One

Being one of the few female MCs, or as she refers to herself ‘Femcee’, 20-year-old Shikow Femi One is a musical and brilliant rapper using humour and delightful wordplay.

FemiOne relates Swahili and Sheng as the main languages in her music in styles that elevate her to the competitive level among male rappers in Kenya. Shikow’s Trademark line, standard in most of her records, clearly describes her wordplay style as she states that “Me ndio femione among ma-feminine…”

Muthoni the drummer Queen

Muthoni the drummer Queen

Muthoni, the Drummer Queen, entered the music industry almost at the same time as Stella Mwangi. However, Stella Mwangi overshadowed her because of the slightly different types of music that they do. Muthoni incorporated a lot of drums and Africanism in her rap music while Stella Mwangi was more into Western beats. Now that Stella Mwangi is maintaining a low profile, Muthoni the Drummer Queen is the new Queen amongst Female rappers. She has produced many singles and done several collaborations with other big names like Octopizzo. Is she further the force behind the Nai Ni Ya Who? Movement. Presently, she is doing school tours to spread her music also.

Fena Gitu

There is ever an unresolved argument relating to Fena Gitu, popularly known as the phenomenal woman and Muthoni the drummer Queen. Many Kenyans are divided on who is the real Queen of rap music, as far as female artists are Listed. Fena Gitu is growing very fast. Her laid back kind of rap style is influencing a lot of Hip-Hop lovers. Her music videos, just like those of Muthoni the drummer Queen, are equally creative. Her track, “She doing her thing though” is one of the most loved track in the Kenyan music scene. She has also collaborated with big fishes like King Kaka.


She entered the Kenyan mainstream music industry when she co-operated with King Kaka, Mejja, Abass Kubaff and other rappers in the remix of King Kaka’s hit single, ”Ligi Soo.” Following then, she has kept many of her fans guessing whether she will keep out or stay put. She has passed the test of past. She has also defied all her haters to remain steadfast in the ever dynamic music industry. Wangeci is also a road accident survivor. She also appeared in King Kaka’s “Tulia Tu” track. She is now working on her singles.

Stella Mwangi (STL)

She has been in the competitive hip-hop game for quite some time now. The rapper artistically incorporates her mother tongue and English to bring out a whole new taste of hip-hop. She has done many notable collabos both regionally and globally. Her Biashara record is one of the biggest tracks back then that drove her to fame.


The rapper is beautiful, has a pleasing voice, mad rap bravery and a party animal.
Notiflow knows how to incorporate ‘raunchiness’ in hip-hop and get maximum attention. She moreover has a high dominance of her art.
Kamatia is one of her newest works and so far, so good.

Kush Tracey

Skip her drama relationships, Kush Tracey whose authentic name is Teresia Ndoti Wambui is an excellent rapper and also a songwriter. Tracey is popularly known for her song ‘Huwezi Ni Dandia.’
She has also done significant hit after hit and even recently bagged a collabo with an international artiste. Cedric On The Beat produces most of her songs.



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