Nairobi county contacts

Nairobi City County, Kenya, is one of the forty-seven counties in Kenya identified for productive commercial activities and fast-expanding population given voluminous industrialization and modern housing facilities. Nairobi county, following the governorship of Mike Sonko, is listed as a metropolitan city with a vibrant economy, therefore making it a popular destination among high-end business persons, innovators, and featured artists from various parts of the world. Both business investors and the locals have greatly benefited from Nairobi city-county contacts that come in handy whenever needed. These contacts have made it likely for interested persons to learn about and get involved in various job advertisements, tenders, investment opportunities, and development programs within the county.

Nairobi county contacts

Physical Office place: City Hall, along City Hall Way in Nairobi

Telephone contacts:020-344194, 0725-624489

Official Twitter page: @county_nairobi

Official Facebook page: Nairobi City County

Email address:



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