male contraceptive in Kenya

Kenya is among seven nations and nine cities in which a new male contraceptive gel will be tested.

The contraceptive which men will be supposed to apply on the upper parts of their arms every day was deemed key in bringing a balance in bedroom affairs by making men equally responsible in family planning matters.

The gel’s formulation, called NES/T, comprises a progestin-containing compound called segesterone acetate, that is manufactured under the brand name of Nestorone, along with a portion of testosterone.

β€œIt is applied to the back and shoulders and absorbed through the skin. The progestin blocks natural testosterone generation in the testes, reducing sperm production to low or nonexistent levels,” the NICHD said in a statement.

In a report by, the male contraceptive will be a self-delivery method deemed to replace the use of condoms though it does not guarantee any security against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

The University of Washington’s School of Medicine, Seattle, has already begun enlisting couples for clinical trials of the contraceptive dubbed revolutionary.

Dr Stephanie Page, a medicine professor at the university, said on the application, the gel would be absorbed from the skin to restrain men from impregnating their spouses.

“The really pioneering thing here is there have been other studies of male hormonal contraceptive products, but this is the first self-delivered method. One would be expected to pump the gel once and then spread it on upper sides of the arm for absorption through the skin,” Page said.

“Its effects are reversible once its use is stopped. This is the reason why many men won’t mind using it basing on previous studies where they stated they would prefer reversible birth control methods,” remarked William Bremner.
According to Page, presently, the responsibility of birth control depends on women more, a trend which needs to be reliably overturned.

It is predicted that 85 million pregnancies, about 40% of all pregnancies across the world, were unplanned.

This contraceptive will a complement to condom use, withdrawal during sex and vasectomy for men.

Over 400 couples are contemplated to enrol in the first test of the gel known as Nestorone or NES/T.

The trial will be head launched in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Kansas City, Kan, before the examination is conducted in Chile, England, Italy, Kenya, Scotland, and Sweden.

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