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Passionate Octopizzo fans have rushed to his rescue after a family in Woodley estate accused the rapper of being implicated in the death of their son – a 19-year-old Strathmore University student in Octopizzo latest news.

As Exposeke reported first, Octopizzo was a trending subject for a more significant part of Monday, January 21, following an incident which took place four days earlier which led to the death of one Kenneth Abom.

Fans jump to defence of Octopizzo after rapper is accused of killing University student

While the exact details of the events of the day remain sketchy, Octopizzo, through a phone interview with KTN, denied any involvement in the demise of the boy who jumped off the fourth floor in a flat his family resides in.

The departed student’s family alleged Octo might have banged up the boy with a blunt object since he got home with his clothes very blood-stained.

On the rapper’s section, he alleged the boy forced his way into his new house where he had barely stayed for three weeks.

Octo told media he was with his sister when the teen, who is parenthetically a staunch fan of the rapper, asked to see him.

The rapper’s sister rejected his request, asking him to instead speak to Octo’s management and this prompted Kenneth to barge himself in and drama soon ensued.

From then on, conditions surrounding his death remain a mystery although Octopizzo’s fans believe a rapper of his calibre would never place his career in such jeopardy by taking on a university student.

In a series of tweets, Octo’s legion of fans maintained that if he indeed beat up the student, it was fully justified because he trespassed to a celebrity’s house.


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