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Activist Okiya Omtatah is 54 years old currently having been born in Busia Kenya on 30th of November in 1964 and he is 55 years of age as of 2019. He is a Kenyan human activist who has been on the forefront in courts to challenge decisions which are unconstitutional and oppressive to the common Mwananchi. Did you know that Omtatah is not a lawyer?

The activist has been to courtrooms thousands of times, filing well uncountable number of cases, only a few Kenyans like James Orengo have done the same. He has also won significant number of high profile cases.

Okiya Omtatah Education background

Omtatah enrolled at St. Pauls’ Secondary School for form 1 and 2. From there he met a missionary priest who greatly influenced his convictions to date. Omtatah later joined St. Peters School in Mukumu in 1981 for his Form 3 and four where he passed his O levels exams. The activist was then admitted to the same school for his Form 5 and 6 and cleared in 1983.

Omtatah was later on admitted to The University of Nairobi for a Bachelor of Commerce degree but he openly declined the admission and to the contrary joined St. Augustine school in Mabanga, Bungoma county where he pursued a Diploma in Philosophy. While At St.Augustine Mabanga,he was diagnosed with grand mal after he suffered from a fatal injury-he almost became mad.Okiya Omtatah

Okiya later joined Kenya Polytechnic to study in the field of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering. Activist Okiya Omtatah graduated two years later with a diploma in Mechanical and Automobile Engineering.

Okiya Omtatah Net worth

Omtatah is a wealthy businessman and here is where he gets his income from. We can’t really say the exact net worth but he is quite costly.

Okiya Omtatah tribe

Omtatah comes from Western Kenya, the Luhya community to be precise.

Okiya Omtatah Family members

Okiya Omtata has 4 other elder sisters, and he is the only boy in his family. The activist grew up in Teso South and was baptized in the Catholic Church.

Okiya Omtatah sickness

While Okiya Omtatah was schooling for priesthood suffered an injury that affected his brain and he became epileptic therefore he couldn’t continue with the priesthood. Omtatah’s health deteriorated severely that he was taken to Aga Khan Hospital and was diagnosed with grand mal which is a permanent condition. The condition was so serious that “I could not continue with priesthood” said Omtatah in an interview.

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Okiya Omtatah Interview on TV

Did you ever get better from the disease?

A. Definitely, I did but with the use of traditional medicine. The date was on 17th December 1987 during one of the football matches that a young man approached me and informed me that if I could get Kshs 1500 and then next he would talk to his father to prescribe some medicine for me. Then I requested the amount from my parents and paid to get the medication. After12 days the seizures had stopped. Later I went back to Aga Khan Hospital and thank goodness there was no longer any trace of grand mal.

Okiya Omtatah : the beginning of activism

A. Life of activism began way back in high school. My school evaluation reports stated that even though I was obedient and respectful, I was also outspoken. Clearly, I remember that while at St. Peters School, students were allowed to freely express themselves. Additionally, we had an area we commonly referred to as the ‘Stone of Wisdom’ where students were allowed to say anything openly to the teachers or students without fear of victimisation. Here I learnt the importance of freedom of speech and expression.

Okiya Omtatah Biography,latest news,age,education,career

Okiya Omtatah Latest news

He is constantly in courts, and it has even become his second home. He is loved by most Kenyans for what he stands for; justice.

Omtatah has fought against election malpractice, workers right advocacy and he is against the enrollment of the new Kenyan currency.

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