Okolea loan app

You have an urgency, no cash at hand but you need quick cash; so frustrating. You wish you could find a financial company that would just process and dispense your loan request fast. Sounds familiar? You can always rely on the Okolea loan app for such emergencies and rush. We will talk about how to install, apply for Okolea loan and also Okolea contacts.

Okolea loan app, a product of Okolea International, is a digital loans app. It grants loans to Kenyans regardless of their social, regional, and economic status, on their mobile devices. To use the Okolea loan app, you have to find and install it on your mobile phone. Learn how to do it in this post.

Okolea loan Android app

In Kenya, Android OS is the most popularly used OS because of its availability, and it is affordable, therefore, can be sustained by the average Kenyan. Most international phone companies use the Android OS. Therefore it is reasonable to create an app that can be effortlessly accessed on an Android phone, and that’s what Okolea International Limited has made.

The Okolea loan app apk only works on Android devices with Android 4.2 and above.

Okolea loan app download

Enable background data or establish a Wi-Fi connection. If you are using your mobile data, ensure it is not in limited mode. Google Android services will not work if you restrict their access to data. To reduce data usage during this time, launch your task manager app and force stop all the background apps.

Open the Google Play store app: Go to your apps and then scroll to Google Play Store app, tap on the icon and move to the following step.
Search for “Okolea” in the search bar: In the topmost part of your screen, there is an application search box which will be of much help in this step. Using your keyboard, type in the app title in the box and press the OK button. Your results will be prepared in a few seconds. Click on the application icon once you see it. It should be the very first app you see on the list.

Click the “install” button: After clicking on the app’s icon, a new window opens. Here, you will be able to see the app’s overall rating, the screenshots, and all customer reviews. You will see an “Install” button(for downloading) on the new tab just before reviews and ratings. Click on it. A short notification will appear with a list of all the permissions the Okolea app will have on your device.
Note: Before clicking on the “Accept” button, please read all the app permission and make sure you are satisfied with them.

Your download will begin automatically and installation after that. Do not quit the app until installation is complete.

Okolea loan apk upgrade on Android

The app developers at times need to make a few changes on the app like better security, fix bugs or improve app speed, all these to ensure the users’ comfort. In such cases, the new changes will result in a different version of the app, thus prompting users to download an upgrade. Below are the simple steps to download an upgrade on Android OS phones:

Enable background data: Updating an application, just like when you were installing it, needs internet access. Remember the step to check whether you have restricted data access or not, this depending on whether you are using your mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Launch Google Play Store and then its menu: Open the main menu by clicking on the three horizontal tabs piling up, a drop-down menu with various options will appear.

Select “My apps & games”: Your phone will scan all your downloaded apps and discover the ones that need should be updated. After the process is finished, scroll down up to “Okolea”. (If you don’t see it here, then you have the latest version on your device.)
If you need to update all applications in the window, press the “update all” option. Click the “Update” button: To update Okolea app only, tap on its icon, it will start up in a new page. Pressthe update button to install a new version.Okolea loan app

You have happily downloaded the Okolea loan app. The theory is, you became interested and downloaded it because you instantly need a loan. So, here is how to get your loan fast.

Getting started with Okolea loan app

With the Okolea mobile loan app already installed on your device, now you need to fill in the enrollment form. If you already have an Okolea account you simply enter the email address you registered and the password to log in.

1. For new Okolea members, you tap on the “Don’t have an account” choice below and sign up.

Details needed for registration include:

Mobile phone number (M-pesa)

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • National ID number

2. Enter your personal details.

3. Create and confirm the Okolea account password.

You are now an Okolea registered member, and you can apply for a loan.

How to apply for Okolea loan

After registration on the app, Okolea International appraises your account to decide the loan amount you qualify for at the start. The loan app will display your loan limit. You can obtain any amounts lower or equal to your loan Okolea limit. Okolea International is free to lending any individual provided that you;

  • Give correct information in your profile
  • Allow the app to access your M-Pesa
  • Enable the organization to access your CRB report

Additionally, note that the Okolea loans are approved immediately.

How long will it take to receive my Okolea loan

Okolea International agrees to send your loan in less than one hour following approval if you apply for the loan between 7 am and 7 pm. Typically, it usually takes less than a minute after approval to get your loan. But, if you ask for a loan at night, you will have to wait till the next morning.

How much is the interest rate for Okolea loans

The interest imposed by Okolea is within the range of most fast mobile loans in Kenya. Unlike other mobile loans apps, the Okolea loan rate is much more flexible. The Okolea loan interest rate is within 5% and 15% a month. The cause why the loan rate varies is that the interest is dependent on your repayment term. The Okelea loan interest rates are as given here; 5% for repayments within just two days, 8% if you pay within a week, an11% rate if you pay in three weeks and 15% rate if for one-month payments.

How to grow your Okolea Loan limit

To qualify for an even higher Okolea loan, you have to pay your loans on time. Each time you pay within the granted loan period, your loan limit automatically grows by about 20%.

How to repay Okolea loan

  1. Below is a simple guide on how to pay Okolea loan
  2. Go to M-Pesa then select Pay bill
  3. Enter Okolea paybill number which is 245316
  4. Now Enter your mobile number as your account number
  5. Enter the amount you are paying
  6. Key in your M-Pesa pin
  7. Confirm your transaction and then press ok
  8. You will receive an M-Pesa text confirming your payment. The app will also update your account.

Alternatively, you can go to “Repay loan” button on the app and follow the instructions available.

Okolea loan customer care

In case of any questions about your loan, you can contact customer care using the following Okolea loan contacts.

  • Mobile numbers: call 0720178775 or 0748679076
  • Email address: Support@okolea-international.com
  • Facebook: @OkoleaInternational
  • Twitter handle: @okoleaint
  • YouTube: Okolea International
  • Instagram: @okolea_int

You can likewise visit their Nairobi Regional Office, which is found at the Mezzanine floor Posta building, Ronald Ngala Street, Nairobi. Their other branch is at the Kiambu Regional Office, Henmar Court, on the1st floor, Room number 9.

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