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Otile Brown Biography

Otile Brown is a urban contemporary artist, Song Writer, Guitarist and an Actor. He was brought up in the waterfront city of Mombasa. He is the last conceived in a group of five-three siblings and one sister.

Otile Brown Music Career

He found his ability and a youthful age of 12. He began singing and composing music at age 13. After his short melodic profession in Mombasa, Otile Brown moved to Nairobi in 2012 looking for greener fields. He met with Jalango when he was sitting tight for Willy M Tuva and he chose to give him his CD, he adored his music and prompted him to stick on singing. He shockingly, supported his first tune and gave him a decision to work with either Wyre or Doctor Eddie. He favored Dr. Eddie (An eminent maker) since he was not as occupied as Wyre since Wyre is an artist and a maker. Dr. Vortex was awed by his aptitudes and chose to sign him as the principal artiste off the mark fairyland Music Entertainment.

Otile Brown Music Journey

Numerous who have tuned in to him concede that his music is develop. He was found by Jalango, who later alluded him to Docta Eddie. From that point forward, they have been recording music and The third single has been discharged and is causing swells in the Kenyan music scene…

After an effective joint effort with Khaligraph Jones, named Imaginary Love, Otile Brown has yet returned with a melody that is relied upon to make monstrous warmth in the business. The melody they have called DEJAVU, is an account of a wedded couple that has been remaining together for quite a while and the spouse tends to feel that the affection from the husband if blurring…

The video shot in the waterfront part of Kenya, draws out the entire seaside experience without bounds. Coordinated and created by the honor winning maker Dr. Eddie, of Dreamland Music Entertainment Company which Otile Brown is marked under.

The artist rose to acclaim for his tune, Imaginary Love, highlighting one of Kenya’s best hip-jump rappers, Khaligraph, which has gotten positive criticism from fans.

The Mombasa based vocalist has since discharged other new melodies, which include: Deja Vu and Everything, which are set to have music video’s soon. Yet, it’s most likely that the adolescent is extremely capable, and from his smooth vocals one would mistake him for a Bongo performer. The contemporary artiste is additionally clearly accomplishing more collabos with top Kenyan specialists, which are yet to be uncovered.

Otile Brown Songs

Fanciful Love

Shujaa Wako

Dejavu Remix




Shujaa Wako


A Heart of Giving

Niseme Nawe


Otile Brown And Vera Sidika

Otile Brown has been dating Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika and has gone ahead to Arrange their marriage.


Otile Brown Contacts

Email: dreamlandmusickenya@gmail.com


Otile Brown Interview

Questioner: Is Otile Brown your genuine name?

Otile Brown: No, it’s an epithet.

Questioner: What is your genuine name?

Otile Brown: I’d rather keep individuals speculating in light of the fact that I don’t care for it.

Questioner: Have you thought of transforming it legitimately?

Otile Brown: Yes, and I could. In any case, despite the fact that I despise it, I prize it also on the grounds that it’s the name my mom (RIP) gave me. She offered it to me out of adoration and I esteem it, particularly since she’s not any more here.

Questioner: When did you authoritatively join the music business?

Otile Brown: It’s been about a year now… and in that time I’ve discharged two or three singles and joint efforts with a portion of the best rappers in Kenya — like Khaligraph and King Kaka.

Questioner: Did you have a back up parent, or a figure or something to that effect, to direct you?

Otile Brown: Not generally, however Jalang’o pointed me the correct way. He gave me two alternatives, to pick either Wyre or Dr Eddie to be my maker. I picked Eddie.

Questioner: Why not Wyre?

Otile Brown: Because he is exceptionally occupied. He is an artiste like me and I required somebody who could give me their complete consideration.

Questioner: Were you conceived in Mombasa?

Otile Brown: Yes.

Questioner: Does that make you a Mombasa or Nairobi artiste?

Otile Brown: I think that its ungainly when individuals discuss a Mombasa or Nairobi artiste, or industry so far as that is concerned. It doesn’t sound good to me. Indeed, I was conceived in Mombasa, Mikindani, yet I’m an artiste speaking to Kenya, East Africa and Africa.

Questioner: When did you move?

Otile Brown: In 2003. I had an occupation in Mombasa and, at whatever point I spared enough cash, I would come to Nairobi. I was an artist yet I didn’t do it economically. I wasn’t prepared yet to put myself out there in light of the fact that I didn’t think I was sufficient. I made sense of backpedaling and forward amongst Mombasa and Nairobi wouldn’t enable me to balance out my vocation and Dr Eddie offered to house me.

Questioner: In his own particular house?

Otile Brown: Yes

Questioner: For to what extent?

Otile Brown: For around seven months and afterward I moved out. He has a major manor; here and there we wouldn’t see each other for three days and needed to get each other to see whether both of us was in the house.

Questioner: The websites have it that you used to offer ‘chang’aa’ before you got into music…

Otile Brown: Yes, I needed to. I know how far I’ve come and that is the reason I’m so ravenous in this amusement, sitting tight for my minute when I get to the best. I know I’m going there. My mother passed on when I was going to turn 13. I don’t care for discussing it however I don’t modest far from talking about it since I know it could inspire somebody. Once in a while when I would get captured, the officers would frogmarch me past the school compound where other kids would see me. It was humiliating. I didn’t care for doing it yet I needed to survive.

Questioner: Most of your tunes are about adoration; would you say you are enamored?

Otile Brown: Not right now.

Questioner: Where do you get the motivation from?

Otile Brown: It’s my activity, it’s my business. I don’t need to experience it to sing it. On the off chance that I influence my audience members to feel like I’m enamored and inspire them to feel a specific way, at that point my activity is finished. I don’t need to experience a comment a thought of what to sing about, however when it touches somebody who might be listening and motivates them…

Questioner: Have you at any point been profoundly enamored?

Otile Brown: Yes I have, it was serious. There was this lady back in Mombasa; we went to a gathering together and she got alcoholic and exactly when folks were leaving she destroyed the entire place. I assumed the fault despite the fact that the neighbors unmistakably observed her do it. Despite everything I demanded it was me. I spent seven days in the cells previously I was rescued.

Questioner: What is the class of your music?

Otile Brown: It’s called Kunidzia. Tanzanians call it Bongo however from my insight it is gotten from the Arabs, which the Mijikenda obtained.

Questioner: You included King Kaka on the melody ‘Alivyonipenda’. How could you meet?

Otile Brown: We met at iClub and traded telephone numbers. I recall that he disclosed to me he had a thought for a melody he needed us to take a shot at together. I sent my verses and theme and stuff yet before that I let him know there’s a melody I needed to include him in. He concurred. I sent it and he enjoyed it.

Questioner: This was ‘Alivyonipenda’?

Otile Brown: Yes.

Questioner: What happened to the first?

Otile Brown: This industry is interesting. I know individuals who have numerous tunes however have never discharged them. Things continue changing extremely quick, beats, style…

Questioner: Why is that?

Otile Brown: People get a great deal of exhortation from individuals who think they know best. There’s a major artiste in the business (I won’t specify the name) with whom I completed a tune. I’m simply extremely tired in light of the fact that he continues changing his verse, around four times now. So when he was prepared to discharge it, it wasn’t the opportune time for me. There are tunes that you do yet the planning is never right and they never observe the light of day.

Questioner: What about Khaligraph? What was your first response when you met him?

Otile Brown: He’s not the self-important individual individuals think he is. I’ve known Khaligraph for some time now and he’s the coolest person ever. Individuals judge others unjustifiably. Try not to think all that you see on TV.

Questioner: I see you like your adornments; what’s your inclination, hoops or pieces of jewelry?

Otile Brown: I get a kick out of the chance to keep it basic; I could do either or both.



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Wedding to Otile Brown is no reputation stunt – Sanaipei

Refreshed On: April fifth 2018

Source: www.the-star.co.ke

Vocalist Sanaipei Tande has safeguarded her choice to get hitched in a mystery service after photographs released on the web.

Savants guarantee the photographs are from an arrangement of the music video for her coordinated effort with Otile Brown.

Is it a music video? “Haha. That is whatever I can state. The motivation behind why it isn’t being discussed. When you are getting hitched, you don’t tell the entire world.”

Including, “When you’re getting hitched, you don’t tell the entire world. Ni kitu ya chini ya maji, haiongelewi. Pregnancy ni siri. Ndoa pia ni siri. Ni mambo ya kurealise it’s a personal thing, for close family. I’ve generally been private on that segment of my life. These things are not shared.”

Gotten some information about her getting hitched to a man more youthful than her, Sanaipei, without overlooking anything, stated, “It is not their concern. Individuals would what they like to do. Me, I’m not in anybody’s business, that is the reason it was a private undertaking.”

At the point when called for input, Sanaipei’s hubby, Otile Brown, demanded he is currently a cheerfully hitched man.

“Much obliged to you for complimenting me. Cha muhimu ndani ya maisha yangu ni kwamba, yule mtu muhimu ni anayehusika, yupo na yametokea. (The critical thing in my life at the present time is that the one I cherish is included and the wedding service occurred.) I ain’t doing it for no one. Nampenda [Sanaipei] kwa sababu yuko tofauti, she’s genuine.”

Learn more about socialites in Kenya making it big here. Let us know what you think.



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