Vera Sidika and Otile Brown
Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

Lady magnet Otile Brown is slowly adapting his new bae to life on the attention, and it is safe to say the two look very cute together.

Months following the infamous break up with Vera Sidika and Otile Brown, who has consistently said he wanted a girl who was “real”, is back at it again, this time diving into an Ethiopian pond.

As far as everyone knows, the Baby Love singer is currently seeing a very stunning lass only known as Nabayet, whom has learnt is an Ethiopian-Australian ‘hybrid.’

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Otile Brown enjoying a training session with his Ethiopian bae and it is the cutest thing

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The two were initially very discreet with their relationship, but in recent days, they have gone public with their romance and fans are delighted.

Unlike the romance with Vera Sidika which was rigged with endless couple goals photos and tripped around the world, Otile is actually engaged in much more productive activities with Nabayet.

Moreover, this was exhibited in one of their videos accessed by where the two could be seen engaging in a cute workout outdoors.

From sprints to push-ups, the newest couple in town left fans melting with adoration as it looked clear the two really enjoyed each other’s company.

Interestingly, both Otile and Vera seem to have moved on, and going by their social media activity, there is a silent competition on who is happier since the breakup.


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