Maureen and Franki baby bump shoot


Maureen and Frankie a not so long wedded couple shared their maternity photo shoot pictures which went viral not just locally but internationally as well due to their uniqueness, the lovely couple explained about their unique baby bump photos

Maureen and Franki baby bumb shoot

” These days everyone does baby bump shoots, and they are usually similar. We wanted to do something different, original.  Apart from doing something that stood out, we also wanted to do a shoot that embraced our African roots, and that is how we came up with this idea.

However, we did not do it alone, we had a team that helped us bring the photoshoot to life. Rich Allela was our photographer and Manyara Mochache our stylist. Both did a fantastic job.

The look would not have been complete without the amazing makeup artist, Muthoni Njoba and Daniel, who did the body art.” said Maureen

“We knew that the pictures were amazing, but we did not expect all the love we received. We are proud we inspired people and showed them that pregnancy is beautiful and should be celebrated.” added Frankie

The couple also have a youtube channel with a large following , the called by the name  AlphaBeta has been in existed for eight months. So far, they have about 13,000 subscribers. The name AlphaBeta stems from the idea of a wolf pack, meaning they hunt together, protect each other and everyone has a role to play.

They started the vlog as a diary, where they could store memories for future. Maureen was a bit scared of what peoples’ reaction would be, but after the introduction video got a good reception, she got psyked up and they haven’t stopped since.

Their latest video took vlogging in the country to a hole new level as they allowed the camera into the delivery room

“We decided to let the camera into the delivery room because we felt that because our very supportive followers had walked with us throughout the pregnancy, they deserved to share our delivery experience. We felt that it was right to give them the candid delivery room experience in pictures.” said Maureen