Mwende Macharia

Dreamy eyed gospel producer JBlessing’s baby mama, Mwende Macharia, finally let the cat out of the bag when she narrated her bitter split up with her baby daddy.

According to her, the pair were engaged, contrary to claims they just had a fling that led to an unexpected pregnancy.

In a candid interview with Parents Magazine, the former radio queen pointed out the gospel producer had even met her parents in Diani.

From the onset, the two were set to tie the knot but as fate would have it, they split up over what she defined as fundamental issues in their relationship.

The mother of one went on to narrate how for a long time, JBlessing couldn’t define their relationship and fully commit to the single mother.

They reunited later but this time round, things were not as good as they used to be.

Mwende discovered she was pregnant but the love of her life had already moved on from their longtime commitment.

Her baby daddy however chose to help out with the child but declined reconciling with the Konnect presenter.

The Churchill Show director (JBlessing) debuted his new catch, Chantelle, at the Groove Awards sending chills down his jilted baby mama.

The TV presenter (Mwende) had always vowed she wasn’t going to be a single mother but when duty called, she suited up and performed her duty as well as she could.

JBlessing had recently been rumoured to have fathered popular musician Avril’s baby.

He however denied the claims.

Before splitting up with his other ex, Chantelle, the pair had a son who fell ill and passed on later.

Their relationship crumbled shortly after the unfortunate incident.


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