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Do you usually rely on public means to help you get around places? Most people around the world are searching for reliable bus service that will assure them of an excellent transportation service. From business journeys to leisure, buses offer an accessible and affordable solution for most people to get from one point to the another. Some travel services are better than others, and for those who have a variety of bus service, you would want to select the most trustworthy option available to you, and that option is Randa Coach. This is a Kenyan bus service giving scheduled passenger and parcel transport. This bus company has been flourishing over the years due to the fact that Randa Coach buses are luxurious and comfortable therefore loved by many.

Randa Coach provides its travel services between Nairobi and Mombasa city, operating day and night. The buses transport on a scheduled departure. Most of these buses are 44-capacity and hence carries a maximum of 44 passengers. The coach is amongst the authoritative and well reputed in offering good transportation and logistics services on the Nairobi-Mombasa route.

Why use the Randa Coach fleet?

Randa Coach has been in business existence for a couple of years. They started their operations with the Scania bus models which were locally fabricated from the Master Fabricator. As time progressed, they also added modern Chinese Yutong buses which work together with the Scania. What you will love in both buses, as a passenger, is that they have big sitting space hence providing maximum comfort. The coach has a two by two arrangement with a reclining sleeping coach feature. While travelling, passengers will enjoy the multiple TV screens fitted on each side of the buses and a good sound system to give you nice and cool music. You will also love the fact that the Randa Coaches are fitted with a charging system for your mobile phones ensuring that you are connected for longer while enjoying their free WiFi while travelling.

Randa Coach services

The company basically offers passenger and cargo transportation between the two named towns, providing a daily scheduled departure. All travellers are advised to make their booking online through the company’s website. However, for those who are not tech savvy, you can opt to visit their offices for booking.

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The coaches are also available for hire to everyone especially companies, social groups, churches, schools among others. Their charges are quite affordable; hence you should give them a try. Apart from the named services, Randa Coach also offers courier services which guarantee you safe transportation of your parcel from the various destinations where their buses reach.

Online booking

The Randa Bus services have a booking portal which allows passengers to book their tickets online. The portal helps you as the passenger to book in advance to avoid the last minute rushes which at times end up with lots of inconveniences. For those who prefer using the online booking, here are the steps to follow;

1. Visit their website

2. Fill in “From” and “To” (departing station and arrival station, i.e. Nairobi to Mombasa)

3. Then fill the date of travel

4. Then click on the “Search buses.”

5. You will then be shown the scheduled departures

6. Then click on “Book seats” on the bus you feel comfortable with

7. This will take you to the seat line where you will see the available seats

8. Choose the seat number you like

9. Once you click on the seat no, the left column will reveal you the amount to pay

10. It will also give you the account number for paying (Note that the account number is different depending on the bus you have chosen)Randa Coach online booking

Make payments via MPESA

Below are the steps to follow then making MPESA payments;

  • Go to the Lipa na M-PESA menu
  • Then select PAYBILL.
  • Go to Business Number and enter 980435
  • Account Number Enter: (The number is shown on the payment screen as shown above)
  • Enter the Randa coach bus fare amount
  • Enter Your PIN number
  • Wait for the MPESA confirmation SMS and continue to your booking of selected seats.

Below the payment column is info on the seat (s) you’ve selected, the date and time of departure.

Click on the ‘Book selected seats’ and you will be redirected to the payment information page.

Here, you will fill;

Passenger Name

ID/Passport No:*

Cellphone No:*


Payment Mode:*

Amount Payable:

Transaction Code:*

Mobile Phone:*

Captcha:* (provided on their website)

Having filled all the information required you will be asked whether you have entered all the required data correctly, and if so click OK to proceed. There you go!

At the moment, online payments can only be paid using MPESA. However, Airtel, T-Kash by Telkom and Equitel payment platforms are coming soon.

Randa Coach contacts for booking and enquiry

Below are Randa booking office contacts;

Telephone number: +254 722 417311 (Mombasa)

Telephone number: +254 790 485128 (Nairobi)

Hotline: +254703414754

Facebook: Randa Coach Ltd

Twitter: @zainabalausy23

Instagram: randacoach

Website: Randa Coach

Physical address
Randa Coach Ltd

Kenyatta Avenue,

P. O. Box 88738-80100

Mombasa, Kenya

Get a ride assured of satisfaction, security and safety

With quite a journey between Nairobi and Mombasa, such lengthy trips can be tedious. It would be best if you had not only a bus but a good one. You need transportation that will provide comfort while seating, with good air-conditioning and plenty of headroom. You are looking for a coach with high-quality lobby and exterior, and beyond the necessities, you need a bus that gives you options including radio systems and TV, Free WiFi and cool designs. With Randa Coach, the online booking system further provides more comfortable and faster booking giving you convenience, plus you get to know the charges before hence assisting you in budgeting. With Randa, you are assured of all these things, but above all, you are guaranteed of comfort, security, and safety.


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