Prestige rapper Bamboo may have married one of the prettiest lasses around in the form of Uganda’s Erika Mukisa, but behind the laughs, there is quite an exciting story.

Mukisa is now a born again Christian but before the ‘seeing the light’ the lady was subjected to some dark clientele including witchcraft

The damsel recently released a book titled A Story of Hell, Witchcraft and Family: where she talked of witchcraft which dominated her childhood.

In fact, Mukisa was inducted into sorcery at the tender age of eight years by her own grandmother who was interested in keeping the practice going.

“Because of the ‘love’ my grandmother had for me, she always insisted that we share a bed and my parents had no problem with it,” she narrated.

It gets even scarier as she further explained that she would at times spend the night with snakes in the bed – something which her grandmother encourages as she described the reptiles as ‘visitors’.

The lady would go on to practice witchcraft for seven years before eventually getting saved in 2009.

So did Bamboo know of all this before he tied the knot?

The answer would be yes and in fact, Bamboo, who has also committed to Christ, describes his wife’s story as her own testimony which will be a lesson to many.

“It was her own testimony. Her grandmother, on her paternal side, was a powerful sorceress. She initiated Erica into witchcraft when she was just eight years old. For seven years Erica served the powers of darkness. She did not know anything, having been introduced to sorcery at a tender age. She became possessed with evil spirits and was satanic in every possible way you can imagine. Her salvation would later come through her uncle evangelist Patrick Wandera. It’s been nine years since her deliverance, but Erica remembers everything like it was yesterday,” Bamboo said in a confession on social media.
The couple, before their low-key wedding, has known each other for four years.


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