Reason Why Drug Kingpins Are Never Arrested

High Court Judge Luka Kimaru has exposed that in his long legal career, he has never witnessed any drug trafficker reveal the identification of their master.

According to Nation, this is broadly attributed to an unwritten command in the drug underworld that one should never identify the baron if caught.

For example, the court once negotiated to have the sentence of a drug trafficker reduced in exchange of information on who was their kingpin.

The Prosecution agreed by supporting the reduction of the sentence in favour of the accused.

Nevertheless, the accused ardently declined the offer preferring to serve their sentence rather than reveal the identity of the boss.

Those caught ferrying drugs often claim that they were approached by a stranger who convinced them to move the cargo at a fee and that the masters would pick it at a specific location in the country of destination.

Still, Justice Kimaru believes that contrary to the story, the drug trafficking syndicate is a well-connected distribution chain ruled by fear.

Alternatively, the kingpins use multi-layered approaches making it hard for the traffickers to know who is their real boss.

Besides, the barons are said to be extremely influential making it easy for them to corrupt the system including bribing the judges and police.


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