How to retrieve KRA PIN certificate online

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is a public government agency in Kenya that is responsible for the assessment, accounting, and collection for all incomes due to the Kenyan government. KRA has consolidated the iTax system, which is used to collect taxes for all three types of income in the county, namely: income-employment income, rental income, and business income.

Since the incorporation, the iTax system has additionally helped taxpayers to file their kra tax returns electronically or online without having to go to KRA offices physically. iTax enables individuals as well as companies to update their tax registration details regularly, register tax payments due every month, file itax returns, and make inquiries with real-time monitoring of their particular accounts. Kenya Revenue Authority has its headquarters in Times Tower building along Haile Selassie Avenue in Nairobi.

How to check your kra PIN using ID number

For many people, a KRA PIN number is a necessary document needed if you want to carry out different transactions. If you have your KRA PIN number and password login details, you can enter the kra itax portal directly. Sometimes it can be pretty frustrating if you have forgotten your KRA PIN number and you urgently want to complete a transaction such as:

  • Application for business licenses, payment of land rent, and water deposits by local authorities.
  • The application of title deeds as well as stamPINg of instruments by the Commissioner of Lands.
  • The validation of companies and business names
  • Registering cars and licensing by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.
  • Trade licensing issuance.
  • Application and the registration for Value Added Tax.
  • The importation of goods, services and clearing and forwarding of customs at the offices of Commissioner of Customs and Excise.
  • Facilitating valid contracts for the supply of goods and services to all Government Ministries and Public Bodies.

Every time any person conducts a KRA PIN, search the chances are that he/she is really troubled. The most common search results done on iTax Kenya is KRA PIN checker. The kra itax PIN checker similarly lets an individual confirm whether their KRA PIN is genuine or not.

How to retrieve KRA PIN certificate online

There are always many people looking for ways to access their KRA PIN without having to go back to their first reference point, that is, house or office to retrieve the document. Some applications can be very time sensitive and require your KRA PIN to complete an application form. Luckily for you, you can make some good use of kra PIN checker using id number to retrieve your KRA PIN number in such a confusion.

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The easiest and most straightforward way to retrieve your KRA PIN is by sending a clear, scanned copy of your national ID to any of KRA’S social media handles, preferably to their official Twitter handle-@KRACare as you request for your PIN. The national ID card in Kenya is a necessity for people to access various services offered by both governmental and non-governmental institutions.

The KRA social media team responds to posts in less than an hour. You can likewise send your Coloured National ID to their Facebook Page-KRACare via Message requesting them to help you with your KRA PIN. Besides social media, you can also send the scanned colored ID copy to KRA’s official email address-

Similarly, if you have forgotten your kra PIN or even lost your KRA PIN certificate, you can simply send an email to with your national ID number to get the details of your KRA PIN. an alternative way, you can contact the KRA Online support staff through 0711099999, 020 2815059, or 0204999999. Lastly, you can visit get support on the same by visiting the Huduma Center or any adjacent KRA office with your Identification card.

KRA portal print your PIN certificate

The online Kenya Revenue Authority iTax Portal is the most liked way for Kenyan citizens to apply and get their Identification Number assigned by the Domestic Tax Department. The KRA PIN recognizes individuals and companies transacting any business with service providers and government bureaus.

A valid Kenyan National Identity Card (ID) is needed for individual taxpayer registration, whereas a Certificate of Incorporation is required for a company’s taxpayer registration. Considering you have successfully done your kra PIN registration, an email normally sent to your inbox to validate the registration and login details enclosed. Below is a guide on how to reprint your KRA PIN Certificate

  • The initial step is to click on Registration from the menu bar then click on “Reprint PIN Certificate.”
  • Select the Applicant Type.
  • If the Applicant Nature is other than Taxpayer, enter Taxpayer PIN.
  • Click on “Submit” so that you can create PIN Certificate. Click OK to proceed to regenerate PIN certificate then download it.

KRA PIN certificate download

For any person who successfully submits their personal data on the kra portal, the new PIN will then pop up on the kra portal screen. You will additionally see a link labeled “Click here to download PIN certificate” which will allow you to download and then print your new PIN. In case you lost your KRA PIN certificate, there is a way to print a new one from the kra online portal login if you have your login credentials, the PIN number and the password for the KRA portal.

Reach the login and fill in your login credentials ie, KRA PIN and password. Once you have entrance to your account on the kra portal, go to registration certificate then click on the” enquire” button then enter your kra PIN number. You will be able to easily print your KRA PIN certificate from the top left-hand edge of the kra portal.


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