Shabiki Jackpot Mbao power 13 prediction,login and contacts

Shabiki Jackpot Mbao Games: the only way you can spend Ksh 20 and stand a guaranteed chance of winning hundreds of thousands and even millions of shillings. Think about just a mere 20 shillings changing your life forever by joining shabiki jackpot mbao.

This is the reason as to why Shabiki Jackpot is the burning topic right now among the sports betting enthusiasts here in Kenya.

Kenyans are converting millionaires and lives are being transformed by betting games such as Shabiki Jackpot Mbao Games offered through their website betting platform.

In this article, we will show you;

  • How to register and play Shabiki Jackpot Mbao Kenya
  • How to win Shabiki Jackpot Mbao Games
  • shabiki Jackpot mbao Contacts
  • Learn How To Place Your Shabiki Mbao Bets

So let’s read on.meanwhile you can also read about prediction sites in Kenya.

How to register & Play Shabiki Jackpot Mbao Kenya

It is very simple to register at You only need a phone and you are ready to go…for these 18 years and above.

Just send the word JOIN to SMS number 29063

You will get a confirmation message and the simple process to follow in putting your bet.
After you have registered to the platform, you will be required to deposit Ksh 20 on pay bill number 290063.

You can also join online through

Shabiki power Prediction

The algorithm of this soccer predictions site is based on a model used to predict results and analyze various important betting factors such as league position, points, goals, game scores, struggles and players’ form. We highly recommend using auto bet.

Shabiki Bonus

A game bonus is given to contestants with Betslips that have 9 out of 10 to 6 out of 10 correct predictions in every Jackpot.

A free bet will likewise be given to players with bet slips with 5 out of 10 to 3 out of 10 correct predictions.

The Bonus is a shared fund, not a fixed cost. It is based on the number of bets and the players in a given week. This is then distributed in a tiered system from 9/10 all the way until 6/10.

A free bet will be awarded to players for 5/10 to 3/10 correct predictions.

If you are amongst the players to be granted a bonus, you will get a congratulatory SMS showing

  • The bet slip that was awarded the bonus
  • How many bet predictions were in that category (9/10, 8/10, 7/10, 6/10)
  • Amount of money that has been awarded

How to win the Shabiki Jackpot Mbao Kenya

To win Shabiki Jackpot Mbao Games jackpot, you want to predict the total number of goals obtained after 90 minutes of playing by both teams for each of the 10 games in the jackpot mbao.

For example, if you think that the match will end with 2-1, your bet prediction will be 3 goals (2+1=3).

0=0 goals scored

1=1 goal scored

2=2 goals scored

3=3 goals scored and so forth.

4=4 goals scored

M=more than 4 goals scored.

Remember that, Shabiki Jackpot Mbao (SJM) Games total play time constitutes any added time, such as injury time, stoppage time. But it does not cover extra-time or time for penalty shootoutShabiki Jackpot Mbao power 13 prediction,login and contacts

How To Play Shabiki mbao: Learn How To Place Your Shabiki jackpot Mbao Bet

To win a jackpot, you will need to predict the total number of goals for each of the 10 games in the jackpot. The Shabiki jackpot games are played on Saturday and Sunday. The 10 matches are usually published on the Shabiki official website.

You have two choices to bet on Shabiki Jackpot Mbao Games,

Option I

Autobet – with this, uses their technology to generate games prediction on your behalf. To use this method just,

  • Go to your M-PESA menu
  • Select Lipan na MPESA
  • Enter the PayBill Number ie, 290063
  • Use account number as SJM#AUTO

Option II

Own bet- here, you pick your own predictions. To place Shabiki Jackpot Mbao bet using this option:

  • Go to M-PESA menu
  • Select Lipan a MPESA
  • Enter the PayBill Number 290063
  • Use the account number as SJM# (your own games predictions) for example SJM#0122MMM344. The part highlighted is your prediction. In this case, you are predicting that: no goals counted on the first match, 1 goal scored on the second game, 2 goals scored on the third match in that order

Now, you have discovered how to place your Shabiki bet. Go Join & Play Shabiki Jackpot Mbao Kenya.

How to withdraw your money from Shabiki E-wallet

Send the word W#Amount to 29063.
e.g., To withdraw 200, send the message W#200 to 29063.

The results are announced on every Monday.

Shabiki Contacts

Support Phone: 0703 163 163 or 0709 433 000

Number for winners: 0702 163 163



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    does it mean you must deposits 100/- so that you can place your bet as you wish?….lather than this auto


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