Akothee and family
Akothee with family

Kenyan based Singer and businesswoman Akothee may represent herself as the strongest woman alive when it gets to the healing of heartbreak but even the most flexible personalities have an Achilles heel.

As for Akothee, it comes in the form of her baby daddies, whom the singer admitted to still be emotionally attached to, somehow.

So, this may strike several people as odd especially because Akothee has self-styled herself as the President of single mothers but in a lengthy post seen by Exposeke.com, she inquired to explain where she was coming from.

Self-styled president single mothers Akothee admits baby daddies finance her

Single mothers still have some form of attachment to baby daddies, according to Akothee
Source: UGC

As per to the Oyoyo singer, women, especially those who are in a baby daddy-baby momma situation, are not as strong as they paint as there is always some emotional attachment to the father of the child despite a foiled relationship.

If you are strong then why were you chasing him until your energy ran out let’s not lie to each other! Baby daddy is a life time wound Rich or poor the pain is the same. All baby mamas are hurting! It’s worse when you are broke,” she explained.

It was a rare lecture from Akothee who on the day decided to address ladies with some harsh truths about having a love child.

She went on to explain that on her way up she used to humble herself to her baby daddy despite the fact they were not in a relationship simply because she needed his services.

“Baby daddy sucks.I only moved on when I became financially independent !but when I was still broke! I would break down and cry when bills knocked my door and my Ex was already having a good job,” she went on.

As Exposeke.com has vastly reported, Akothee is currently living the live alongside her five children from different fathers of varying races.

Notwithstanding being very well off financially, the singer admitted the presence of a father-figure in her children’s lives was just as important to her as it was to the children.

“Let me tell men the truth. We miss you in our lives even though we pretend to have moved on. The wound is always fresh,” her message read.

Funnily, some ladies who pretty much are in the same predicament as the single mother’s president seemed to relate and they concurred with her sentiments.

Akothee is presently dating her much younger manager Nelly Oaks, and we can only hope they will last long enough to have children so the singer can finally have a complete family unit.


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