Singer Lavalava

Tanzanian musician popularly known as Lavalava, a product of Diamond Platnumz, seems to have just broken the record when it comes to publicity stunts on the stage.

Through an Instagram publication seen by the musician showed how while performing in Tanzania, a lovely female fan stepped onto the stage and planted a big kiss on his yearning lips.

What do you guess happened next? The talented singer stared into the thin air then fell down with a thud.

That is right. He collapsed. Talk about getting carried away by the sweet love.

Still think it is a story?? Well, it was not acted, the young singer actually could not come to terms with the fact that a drop dead lovely fan decided to bless him with a peck on the cheek and a brief French kiss.

While addressing the whole incident, Lavalava said he was not quite sure what made him faint and explained it could be the mighty kiss or something else.

Let us just leave it that the lady in white did a number on him.