Wilson sossionThe Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) has issued a seven-day strike notice.
In a statement, the Union asked Labour Cabinet Secretary (CS) Phyllis Kandie to reinstate teachers’ annual pay and promote tutors with higher qualifications.
“Our efforts over time to resolve the disputes have been in vain. The Kenya National Union of Teachers has now following the steering of the committee on 23rd August 2017 registered a dispute to the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Labour, Security and Social Services,” the statement read.
The Union accused the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) of scrapping the annual salary increment of teachers contrary to the existing terms of an agreement that grants every teacher a salary increment.
KNUT also stated that TSC had failed to recognise and compensate teachers with higher qualifications.
In May, KNUT filed a case accusing TSC of violating a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that was signed to end a one-month strike in 2015.
This comes even as the nurses strike, which has lasted for a period of two months now, remain unresolved.
Nurses went on strike in June after the Government failed to consider a Collective Bargaining Agreement CBA) to grant them higher salaries, allowances and better working conditions


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