Most Kenyans have been trying to get in touch with Tala Kenya loan providers (which were formerly known as Mkopo Rahisi app before rebranding) in vain. This comprehensive post is designed to help solve this issue. We will share all the Tala contacts so that you can have a comfortable time when contacting your preferred mobile application loan provider in Kenya.

Now that we are in the era of the mobile phone, everything in Kenya has become much more straightforward and more comfortable. Literally, we have the power of almost anything in our hands. From fast food delivery and loans to hailing a taxi when you want to connect with your friends and family, and also in case of obtaining financial support. In general, you can do all this through your smartphone.

Tala Kenya mobile loan app stands out when it comes to giving instant loan services. They have helped many Kenyans to handle their financial difficulties via their quick loans conveyed to customers through M-Pesa. Have you heard about their services? All you need to do is simply download their mobile application and get started to get a loan for your hustle.

Have you been sitting there wondering how you can get the Tala customer care contacts? Sometimes all you may need is human support from Tala, and so you will require Tala telephone contacts be it email address or SMS. We have conducted deep research and found various ways of contacting them from the comfort of your home.

But first, you need to know that Tala operates entirely remotely; the only way you can get in touch with the company is through your mobile phone or via the internet. You cannot visit them in the same way that you go to the bank. So, it would be best if you had contacts of Tala.

Their administrators are generally available and will offer assistance if you need assistance or have questions. This is done over email, SMS, the mobile app and social media platforms. You can inquire about anything, including Tala pay bill charges, problems with the app, and more. Let’s break this information down further so you can get Tala branch contacts.

Once you access the loan application, you will see send us a message or View the FAQs section (Frequently Asked Questions) at the bottom. Scroll to that section, and you will see a point where you are asked to contact them or else use the Tala app Kenya contacts that we have broken down for you here.

Tala Contacts


In case you have questions or need assistance, you can always send them an SMS to 21991.

Email address

It is easy to send an email to Tala Kenya. Open your email application like Gmail and send them an email here

Social media

Tala’s official social media pages are active. Here are the social media accounts you can use to contact Tala:

If you’re on Twitter, begin by following Tala Kenya Loans on @tala_KE. You can then send a Direct Message.

Company services

Tala gives quick, low-interest rate mobile loans to unbanked Kenyans. All that you will require to access this loan is an Android Smartphone compatible with the Tala loan app. With the provided Tala loan contacts, you can contact customer service in case you get stuck in installing and using the app.

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So These are the Tala loan contacts you can use if you have any complains or questions or if you need a loan quickly for your hustle.


  1. Hi can you send me payment details acct name maricel Soriano mobile no. 09257157976..I lost my cellphone nu.ber and I cant get payment loan due on July 28.thanks

  2. Hi,im the one customer barrower of tala,I confirm about my reloan how my tala apps due to make payment but im already done to pay advance my loan actually the due of my loan is september 11 but I advance to pay now already yet finish so I need to reloan again im good payerso now I need to reloan my app but my app have already make payment I pay at cebuana in the morning cost of 6,451.50.

  3. Hello This is Esperanza M. Paña my number is 09777996497 My concerned is that. I already received a note for make a payment but I did not receive any references to get my loan. Kindly sent reference number so that I can claim my loan at palawan. Almost 3 Days delay? Thank you .. Hoping for your response.


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