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Tala as we know it is a mobile app that lets you borrow loans of up to Ks50,000. Many people often ask me about Tala loan application form, to answer this question I came up with this conclusive post about Tala application form. Actually, the form is right inside the app after downloading and installing it on your Android phone, since Tala has not developed an IOS app yet.

What you need to do to access loaning services from Tala is to download the Tala app on your smartphone and proceed to apply for the loan you want right away. Because the loan will be disbursed through M-Pesa, you need a registered and active Safaricom line as well. The modern easy-to-use app is helping thousands of Kenyans get access to loans for their business, pay school fees, house rent, medical bills, or any other emergency without having to engage with a bank, a loan shark, or a friend for help.

How to Install Tala App on your phone

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Google Play store
  2. Search for TALA
  3. Click Install
  4. Wait for download to be completed
  5. You are ready to Use the app

Now without further ado ladies and gentlemen, let us see how to apply for a loan via TALA app;

1.Open Tala app

2. Click on “I am new” button

3.Enter your Mpesa enabled phone number

4. Wait for a confirmation message from TALA

5.Set TALA PIN that you will use to access your account

6. You will be able to apply for a loan, new users may be giver Ks500 for the start.

Tala loan contacts

So if you are looking for TALA application form, you know how to go about it and get a loan today. Any other thing let us discuss on the comment section below.

Tala Loan App Advantages

  • Once you are already qualified for a Tala loan, the disbursement is fast hence making it reliable for emergency loans.
  • Sufficient repayment time even if your loan repayment date is overdue.
  • Loan defaulters in Tala are given a grace duration of 60 days before being blacklisted.
  • Tala loan app gives scheduled loan notification of repayments to their customers.

Tala Loan App Disadvantages

There are High loan Interest rates compared to some other free loan app operators out there.

With Varying interest rates from one client to another and credit limit, it is challenging to determine your loan interest rate.

Please remember that all non-performing loans of over 90 days overdue are listed as defaulters in CRB as provided in section 18 of the Credit Reference Bureau Regulations ACT 2013.

How to check if you are eligible for Tala loan

Anyone who is a Kenyan can qualify for Tala loans Kenya as long as they have an android powered phone, an ID card, and a listed Safaricom M-Pesa line. An existing Facebook account is a crucial platform if you want to communicate effectively with the financial company, but not a must-have requirement for the Tala registration process. Only one Tala account can be connected to your android phone otherwise you will get a message like, my tala account is connected to another account error, and you can get a loan even if you don’t possess any formal banking history before. Previous tala Mkopo Rahisi application form has been so far revamped for secure storage of clients’ confidential information like ID numbers collected during the loan review process. This makes it difficult for a third party to get access to your crucial personal information.

What makes Tala loan the best mobile loan app in the country is the fact that there’s no paperwork whatsoever involved that may hesitate your registration process to the platform. Loans are also processed immediately after the registration process, and as you build your loan history, your Tala loan limit conceivably increases. Tala app Kenya further uses a modern way of credit scoring and rendering financial services to give instantaneous loans to their regular customers. This eliminates the requirement for a guarantor, collateral, or even references to get credit.

How the Tala Kenya application works

Tala Kenya uses your mobile phone number to gather all the essential information that can be utilized to assess your creditworthiness. If your phone often receives M-Pesa message transactions, then such useful data will work in your support as it might increase your Tala loan limit. And if you change your phone or device without notifying Tala app, you will get an error information asserting what you should do next to get it to work. So, the moment that you change your smartphone device, you should install the updated Tala loan application on your new phone and then contact the Tala bankers for help through email, Twitter, Facebook handle, Text or from the In-App Chat.

Tala Loan Application Form-how to apply for Tala loan

Other top factors that may increase your loan limit with Tala Kenya company is timely loan repayments on the platform, which in turn improves your credit profile and loan score. If you take a short loan that is lower than your prevailing loan limit or even default on your loan repayment, then your credit limit might decrease. So, constantly aim to make a credit score that is more like or the exact amount of your affordable loan limit. Anything that is below the required quantity and your loan limit may drop. Furthermore, don’t uninstall the Tala app if you get the message that you don’t qualify for a loan at the moment. Instead, keep reviewing your loan limit as it can change anytime.

How to pay Tala loan using M-Pesa

To avoid getting a negative credit score or CRB, you need to really understand how to repay Tala loan quickly. Always ensure that you repay your loan before the specified deadline to avoid any difficulties. The loan repayment process for Tala is also pretty simple. The phone number that you used to register/sign up with Tala and also the Tala pay bill number is what you require to repay your Tala loan. Here is a step by step detailed guide on how to repay your Tala loan using M-Pesa. You can likewise use the same method to pay a Tala loan for your family member or even a loved one.

  • Go to the Safaricom M-Pesa menu on your phone
  • Click on Lipa Na M-Pesa option then select paybill
  • Type in the Tala paybill number 851900
  • Next, enter the mobile phone number that you used to register with on Tala as the account number option
  • Complete this process by entering the loan amount which you want to repay then enter your PIN.
  • Confirm both the correct amount and the recipient

Shortly afterward, you will get a text from Tala Mobile Kenya verifying your Tala loan repayment


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