Tecno Phantom 5 specs, prices and review in Kenya (updated)

The TECNO Mobile’s 2015 flagship smartphone was the Tecno Phantom 5. The Tecno Phantom 5 mobile phones were revealed in 2015 and the smartphones became the most recent phones and official successor of the Phantom Z. The news, nevertheless, emerged that Tecno, a Chinese mobile manufacturing company was working on an exquisite flagship smartphone dripped a couple of weeks before and it gave us a glimpse of the excellence that the Tecno Phantom 5 indeed is. An engaging, user-friendly device that will get everyone looking for it.

Tecno Phantom 5 specs

If you have had a good look at the new Phantom 5, then perhaps that is closest you have come to rocket science. Yes! Rocket science. Glancing at the Tecno Phantom 5 and going back to when the vendor focused solely on budget smartphones you can’t help but recognise the efforts the vendor has invested in the extension of the Tecno smartphones in Kenya.

This Tecno Phantom 5 is one of those smartphones you want to be seen around with compared to other known mobile phones. When you are on the fence and are not sure which one to pick from a bunch of many most recent phones, I hope this conclusive article will help you out. If I were the one selecting, the Phantom 5 would be the number one winner of the contest. I know it has an immense size compared to other phones, and this can be too much for some people, but its accomplishment is unmatched.

With That said, here is what the Tecno Phantom 5 has to offer.

It is meriting noting that the Tecno Phantom 5 was the first tecno smartphone in Kenya and the rest of the entire world from Tecno Mobile with a fingerprint sensor. These phones are intended to provide high-end features at the pocket-friendly price.

Tecno Phantom 5 - review, specs and prices in kenya

Tecno Phantom 5 technical specs and review


  • Display Dimension: 5.5 inches screen
  • Display Model: IPS LCD
  • Screen Resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • Screen Resolution Density: 420 ppi
  • Screen Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 3

You now see a 5.5-inches 1080 pixels with Full HD display with the Tecno Phantom 5. Unlike some other phones in Kenya, the Phantom F5 display is slightly bigger (by some 0.5-inches) more than what you will get on the Phantom Z smartphones.

It would have been interesting if Tecno had followed the current market trend and gone with a 2048×1080 screen resolution, but it seems that’s too much to ask. However, I am pretty sure the consideration will be put in place in the next series of mobile phones.

Aside from that, you will also get a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 layers to keep scratches and smudges at bay. With this spec, you will be sure that your precious screen will be free from those multi cracks that happen when the phone falls. I have seen displays of mobile phones appear like a released plain nylon paper which has been folded and compressed severally. I suggest this is not what you will want your smartphone to look like! This Tecno Phantom 5 offers you the solution to that.

The Design

  • Dimensions specs: 151mm X 75.8mm X 6.8 mm
  • Weight: 172 g
Tecno Phantom 5 - review, specs and prices in kenya

The scheme of the Tecno Phantom 5 is unquestionably the epitome of the smartphone if you are contemplating about phones for sale in Kenya. You will get a candy bar design with a uniform body construction. This means that there is no removable rear cover.

The smartphone is entirely metallic and comes originally in Gold and Silver exterior colours, a feature that adds to its premium attraction.

Through its launch, it was one of the most charming phones Kenya with aesthetics that were unmatchable by different tecno phones for sale in the Kenyan market.

The centre of the design is also on the fingerprint sensor. Like stated earlier, the Tecno Phantom F5 is the first smartphone from the company to feature a fingerprint scanner; consequently, it is a big deal. Its fingerprint scanner is placed strategically on the rear at a top centre location. This is an apparent ergonomically move as it will make it simpler to unlock the smartphone. This fingerprint scanner comes too as a security feature. just your fingerprint will be able to open your mobile phones.


  • Operating System: An Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • CPU type: MediaTek 1.5GHz Octa-core cortex – A53
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Internal Memory: 32 GB
  • Micro SD: Yes, up to 128 GB

This Tecno Phantom F5 features a spec profile that matches its exquisite design. You also get a 1.5 GHz Octa-core CPU and 3 GB RAM. This is a standard flagship-grade performance profile, but as usual, the devil is in the details. Let’s delve deeper and unearth more.

With the above attractive specs, TECNO has a penchant for MediaTek CPUs since they are affordable than those provided by Qualcomm, a semiconductor in market leader.

Hence, rather than match the performance of the other flagship phones in the market, this Tecno Phantom 5 attempts to clone that experience and present it at a price that most can afford. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be much of an issue since CPU power is often overrated. This a hidden share it with no one because these two are phones for sale. Okay then let’s proceed.

Back to the Tecno fingerprint scanner, it will be fascinating to see how it works. My first confrontation with a fingerprint sensor was on the Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile phones, and I thought the feature was neat. However, with time I got bored with sliding my print over and over, and I reverted to a pattern.


  • Primary Camera: 13 MP
  • Back Camera: 8 MP
  • LED Flash present

You get a 13 MP Rear Camera and an 8MP camera for your selfies. The settings are very okay, however not the best. I suppose if you want a flawless digital photography experience you should maybe check out the Tecno Camon C8. Like this one, it is also among mobile Kenya.


Battery Capacity: Li-Ion 3000mAh

Its 3000mAh battery capacity of the Phantom 5 is effective, but sadly somewhat smaller than what which Tecno gave on the Phantom Z mobile phones and not as cool as the 4000mAh battery you will get on the Infinix Hot Note X511.

Extras features that are worth noting

  • Dual SIM
  • 2G 3G 4G Internet


  • WLAN
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • FM radio


  • Accelerometer
  • Proximity
  • Compass
  • Light
  • Fingerprints

In Conclusion

The Tecno Business Model mirrors that of Xiaomi is some aspects. It’s about providing flagship grade specifications at a price that other vendors struggle to beat. If you could check the amount of Phantom 5 against the cost of the other latest phones of similar specifications, then tecno phones in Kenya are cheaper.

Tecno Phantom 5

Glancing at the specification sheet of the Phantom five it shifts a complicated affair pinpointing what specifically you don’t like about it.

Is it perfect? That I am not sure. However, from the extensive interest, it has incited among readers of this blog, and it will be fascinating how it will perform against the other smartphones in the market.

If you are staring at phones for sale display and you are still questioning why you should buy this Tecno Phantom 5, the answer is here. This phone;

  • has an exciting design
  • has a fabulous performance profile
  • battery capacity is quite impressive and can take you prolonged durations of time while on optimal usage
  • has a fingerprint scanner

Price of Tecno Phantom 5

Costs of Phantom 5 tecno phones in Kenya is not pocket-friendly to most of the Kenyan populace compared to the mobile telephones Kenya market. It is selling highly among the phones in Kenya.

On Jumia Kenya this phone costs Ksh. 39,999

Notwithstanding this cost, at some stores, you may find this phone unavailable, and in some its availability is scarce. Tecno phantom 5 was succeeded by the Tecno Phantom 6 and the Tecno Phantom 6 plus. The latest phones in the series, nevertheless, are the Tecno Phantom 8. You can also check it out and have a look at the most improved and refined product of the tecno company. It is a product that we will scramble for.

Phantom 5 video

The system update for the Tecno Phantom 5

To put up with the speeds and significance of technology, system updates are very vital. The Phantom5-H531-B1-L-20151109 is the official system update for Phantom 5 that will do the deal for you. So if you are questioning what the changes that have come with the update are, you will be astonished I guarantee you so.

The first feature that shows conspicuously with this update is the battery icon. To most people, this is a great deal. The techno manufacturers had previously changed this icon, but it didn’t appeal to its users and therefore the need to reintroduce the old image. The old icon is much okay compared with the new one.

The other inevitable change, the Tecno phantom 5 update provides includes

  • An improved and appealing photo effect
  • Maximised fingerprint recognition system to improve the phones performance experience
  • An enhanced network connections system to help in unstable network areas
  • A debug of all other arising software issues


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