TELKOM Kenya Data bundles

After rebranding from Orange, Telkom Kenya has been actively pushing its data results. Today we bring you their data bundles charges. Telkom Kenya has got 4G coverage in several parts of this country, and it’s an earnest competitor to telecommunication giant Safaricom in the data business. For a quite long time, Safaricom had satisfying speeds and coverage provided that its main rival, Airtel, had not turned out 4G in Kenya.

The Telkom Kenya data bundles are tailored to be affordable related to Safaricom as the group sees this as the best tool to compete. This is all great for the subscribers as the race will ever bring prices down or even lead to the bringing in of products that were not in existence before. Yet though this is the fact, the biggest issue that has been put up is network coverage. Safcom has quite a massive occupancy in Kenya when you study at 4G coverage. Telkom Kenya launched 4G to its users not so long ago and currently; it is not available in all parts of this world. Safaricom may use this to show clients that it has the better outcome.

Telkom Kenya data plans know that data is an essential aspect presently and that is why the company made certain it had 4G in Kenya before their rival Airtel. Airtel only upgraded its network months ago, and this means that Telkom was the second network provider in Kenya to issue 4G.

With that said about them, let us take a look at Telkom Kenya data charges;

Daily 25 MB1 day of validityKSh 9
Daily 80 MB1 day of validityKSh 19
Weekly 40 MB7 days of validityKSh 19
Weekly 150 MB7 days of validityKSh 49
Weekly 400 MB7 days of validityKSh 99
XL Weekly 12 GB7 days of validityKSh 990
Monthly 1 GB30 days of validityKSh 249

Telkom Kenya Data purchase tips

  • To buy a data bundle plan, dial *544#
  • Weekly bundles are valid for 7 Days
  • You can cancel auto-renewal by dialling *544#
  • Daily Bundles are valid for 24hrs
  • you can subscribe to the same bundle plan, a lower or higher bundle before the expiry of your existing bundle.
  • Monthly bundles are valid for 30 days.
  • Only Daily 25MB has an auto renewal
  • You can check data bundle balance by dialling *131#

Enjoy your browsing rates from Telkom.


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