best accounting schools in Kenya

Accounting careers are some of the best in the country. Many people desire to do accounting courses in Kenya but they don’t know where to start. Since we want to make your life simpler,here are some of the best accounting colleges in Kenya;

1.KCA University

Right now a chartered university in Kenya, these former colleges keeps on continuing among the best accounting schools in Kenya. The college has picked up the notoriety of being the best business college in Kenya. Since being around for a long time, the college has presented remove learning. One can be guaranteed that you can take in your CPA courses wherever you are.

2. Strathmore University

Strathmore university is licensed by KASNEB and keeps on offering world class accounting courses that are in accordance with the requests of the present place of employment advertise. It offers full time and night classes. The College has admissions in January and July consistently. Despite the fact that the expense is somewhat high you can be guaranteed that your authentication will get you a vocation.

3. Nairobi Institute of Business Studies

Opened in 1999, the college that started in Nairobi has become among the best accounting schools in Kenya. This college certify by KASNEB, the college keeps on offering top notch accounting courses.

4. Zetech University

At whatever point you are searching for a place to think about accounting, look no more remote than the most current university in Kenya. Initially Zetech College, the university offers the best CPA courses that are advertise aggressive. Having 4 branches in Kenya, the private university stays among the not many that have moderate educational cost charges.

5. Vision Institute of Professionals

This school is one of the known best accounting schools in Kenya. Opened in 1998, the college is a completely fledged college of business offering KASNEB courses with 6 grounds the principle one being in Ngara, Nairobi. Their charges are likewise take cordial.

6. Orbit School of Management Studies

It is one of the most youthful accounting schools in Kenya, the college opened in 2006, keeps on offering reasonable accounting courses. Orbit college concedes both full time and low maintenance understudies.

7. Star College of Management Studies

Likewise a standout amongst other accounting schools in Kenya. A few understudies from the organization have won a large portion of the KASNEB grants for best execution. When you select with Start College of Management Studies, you can be guaranteed that you will be one among the best accounting experts in the Kenyan employment advertise.

8. Summit Institute of Professionals

Passing by a study that was completed some time ago via Career Point Kenya, the Summit Institute of Professionals positioned second among the best accounting schools in Kenya. It is Located in Nairobi CBD, and the college has the best offices and speakers to educate accounting. Summit educational cost charges are additionally extraordinarily low. At whatever point you are hoping to converge as an expert bookkeeper, learn with the best in the field – Summit Institute of Professionals.

9. Pinnacle Business School

Arranged in Nairobi, the college is among the best accounting schools in Kenya. Their school charges are moderate which is the reason it keeps on pulling in understudies from all kinds of different backgrounds who wish to think about accounting.

10. Timeless College

Timeless college situated along university route, is among the best accountings colleges in Kenya. This foundation is licensed by KASNEB, ITEC and City and Guilds. Timeless likewise offer pre university programs for the individuals who wish to join higher establishments of learning.

So you can choose to start or advance your accounting career by visiting and enrolling to one of these best accounting schools in Kenya. Best of luck.


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