Online Jobs in Kenya that Pay through Mpesa

In order To earn money online in Kenya is no longer a matter of doubt or concern. Nevertheless, the biggest hurdle is getting paid via Mpesa since most online jobs pay through bank account transactions such as PayPal and Skrill. At present, there are online jobs in Kenya for students and any other Kenyan which comprise data entry that pays via Mpesa.

Aside from students, unemployed persons and specialists can either do part-time or full-time online data entry jobs in Kenya as thoroughly as other online jobs that are available in Kenya. To make ends meet, you need constant access to the internet which does making money online the most comfortable and most straightforward way of growing financially independent by working from home in Kenya.

Various Online Jobs in Kenya that Pay via Mpesa 2018/2019

In Kenya, there are numerous sites like and, to name a few that pay for online jobs through Mpesa. There are countless part-time and full-time Jobs Kenya that are present, but you need to be aware that some sites online there is a scam. The principal aim of online jobs is to provide for the unemployed persons in Kenya. Hence, before giving any of these websites a chance, you should analyse and research on them wholly to be safe.

Different online jobs in Kenya pay their clients via Mpesa, and they include:

1. Research writing online jobs Kenya

Research writing includes research on a specific topic and payment usually is done twice a month. Nonetheless, salary is dependent on the person you are working for as some employers even pay their writers weekly. Now The tricky question is where to find these online jobs in Kenya that pay through Mpesa. On Facebook, Academic Research Writers have customers giving research writing jobs. Besides, Awesome Transcribers in Kenya is a different Facebook group where you can get trained in how to do research jobs and other numerous online transcription jobs in Kenya.

Besides research writing, there is likewise Re-content writing, another online job in Kenya that enables writers to be paid via Mpesa. Re-content writing online work is one of the simplest online typing jobs in Kenya. Rather than coming up with an original content to write, you are asked to rewrite something that has already been written to evade cases of plagiarism.

2. Academic Writing

Academic writing is one of the most significant online typing jobs in Kenya that pays via Mpesa. Nonetheless, this kind of writing involves a lot of time and research and pays way better than article writing. You need to look for a reliable contact person to write for, and you are good to go.

3. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most suitable online jobs in Kenya that pays well via Mpesa. It includes making money through your talent either by starting your blog or participating as a guest writer to other interesting Kenyan blogs.

4. Writing E-books

At present, E-books are slowly taking over the online community in Kenya. Just as blogging, people are earning money by selling E-books on various social media platforms like Facebook. The returns for this online job is made via Mpesa. Most E-books sells at Kshs 100; hence, you need to post the price on the social media platforms and a telephone number where people can send you the money.

For instance, if at least 300 people from your contacts on Facebook perform a purchase, you will have made Kshs 30,000.

5. Online marketing

Online marketing in Kenya is also another online job in the country that pays people through Mpesa. For instance, people who sell products without a physical shop can contact potential buyers to promote their products online, trade on their behalf to earn a commission. Jumia and Kilimall Kenya also allows this kind of job where you can be an online affiliates marketer for them.

6. Content writing/digital marketing

A lot of companies are always seeking for ways of having quality content on their online sites. Websites need good content to get a high ranking on search engines which results in high-grade sales. What is needed is to master the art of (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

7. Web & Graphic design

Almost there, Web and Graphic design is another lucrative online job in Kenya that pays through M-Pesa. A lot of people who are enthusiastic about graphic design end up being freelancers and get recruited by companies from time to time. One can either go online and seek for such jobs or create a website that can showcase your experiences for people to contact you for your services.

8.Paid Surveys and research

With websites around, such as,, and you can get paid or rewarded for reading, watching and shopping online.

9.SEO Services

In digital marketing, SEO is a strategy to get more visitors to a business website, in the hope that they can be turned into customers. SEO helps improve a website’s organic rankings in search engines via keywords and phrases that people use in searching. With expertise in the field, you can bag in lots of cash from willing companies.

10.Completing small Tasks

Completing small tasks with sites like, Amazon’s, or similar

Online Jobs in Kenya that Pay through Mpesa
Online Jobs in Kenya that Pay through Mpesa

Here are the several sites that issue online jobs in Kenya and pay via Mpesa:

This is a Kenyan based site that provides a simple and open registration. Within this website, a writer gets assigned a task, and you are required to submit high- quality work once upon completion. Tuwaze also allows writers to post their articles on the site and payments are done every Friday through the Mpesa platform.

They accept post from different categories,write and get paid via Mpesa. Your post will be reviewed and when approved you get paid.

Justbet is also another Kenyan online site that was established in 2010 to provide writing jobs in Kenya. The site enables subscribers to get paid via Mpesa through betting. Justbet is one of the best betting sites in Kenya apart from Sportpesa, Betin Kenya, and Betika Kenya.

This Kenyaplex is also a Kenyan website that also gives online jobs and pays people well through Mpesa. The enrollment process is free and pretty simple. Upon registration, one can write articles and post them. It is likewise important to note that Kenyaplex is a freelancer website that accepts written content and resources from any topic.

Finally, is another online website that enables clients to access a variety of products at affordable costs. This site makes use of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to reach their clientele. You can make Ksh 50 by referring someone to the site. Additionally, the site sends upcoming deals to their members daily.

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