Richest celebrities in Kenya

Celebrities in Kenya are some of the most wealthiest people in Kenya. They source money from different channels. They include live performance, product ambassadors and advertising. In this conclusive post we will take a look at the top 10 wealthiest celebrities that we know in Kenya. The order is randomised and categorical.


Most Kenyans are well familiar with the name Akothee. She is a mother, and her success story begins with a very humble background. Currently, Akothee is one, if not the wealthiest celebrity in Kenya. She is a musician, a businesswoman and influencer.


Churchill is famous for his comedy show “Churchill live” featuring many another talented comedian. Churchill earns from selling tickets to those attending his plays as well as promoting other products in the form of advertisements. Besides being a talented comedian, Churchill is also a businessman contributing to his wealth.

3.Vera Sidika

Vera has been trending for quite much time already. Well, she uses her body, which she lightened, to become famous and with fame, she earns money through various ways apart from being a video vixen in the music industry.

4.Eric Omondi

We can’t leave him out when talking about the wealthiest celebs in Kenya. He is a celebrated comedian who not only entertain his Kenyan fans but also abroad and overseas including the United States. He earns money from his performance, advertisements and Youtube videos.


He is the current Starehe Mp, and that contributes to his immense wealth. He is also a musician and an established businessman. He owns a fleet of luxurious cars including Bentleys.

6.Size 8 and husband Dj Mo

The couple has numerous revenue funnels including TV shows, live roadshow performances as well as being hired by big brands in Kenya like Safaricom for their events.

7.Allan And Kathy Kiuna

The duo is undoubtedly the wealthiest pastors in Kenya. Allan and Kathy who operate the Jubilee Christian Church have one of the most flashy houses in Kenya. Together they have received public criticism for living a flashy life.


Popularly known as Jalas. He is one of the most talked about radio personalities in Kenya with a decent salary. Jalas owns a fleet of cars including a Bentley.

9.Shaffie Waweru

He is another popular radio personality with a cool salary as well as being a businessman. He also owns some of the lavish(est) cars in Kenya including Bentley GTC 2014.

10.Nameless and Wahu

Through music and Radio shows, the duo has accumulated much wealth to be among the wealthiest celebrities in Kenya. Their total assets sum up to millions of shillings.

11.Jeff Koinange

Popularly known for his show on Citizen Tv “Jeff Koinange Live” JKL.He is paid handsomely by Royal media services as well as owning several businesses.

The net worth of the above celebrities is valued at millions, though we can’t evaluate the precise value since most of them do not want to open up their wealth to the public.


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