being rich in kenya 2018

1. Investing excessively energy in school

A few people simply astonish me … You will locate an individual has a degree in business organization and CPA.This individual needs to think about CFA, ACCA, MSC Finance, MBA and PhD.For paradise’s purpose, what will you do with all these?

Envision you put in 4 years in undergrad, 2 years doing masters,4 years examining PhD and an additional 4 years considering proficient courses. All these time, somebody is occupied with building a domain to utilize you.

These individuals invest a considerable measure of time in class, squandering their psychological vitality and toward the day’s end they will win Ksh 120,000 which is unadulterated gibberish.

I’m not saying that It’s bad to encourage your training, but rather you have to see excessively of something is poisonous.The just perfect level is aces, the rest is futile.

2. Liquor/alcohol and ladies

Liquor and ladies go as an inseparable unit. In the event that you adore both, you’re done. I abandon it there.

3. Wagering/betting

Betting and wagering, long prior, used to be for the rich. These days the poor are the significant players in the business, particularly in Kenya. Betting isn’t a sound intend to lift you out of neediness. It’s luckiness. Betting is alluring; you will win little money first however you will lose endlessly.And the prior youthful Kenyans see this the better for them and their future.

4.Not disapproving of your business

What is making most Kenyans poor is observing other individuals’ business.

Try not to watch each and every activity your neighbor or enemy is doing.The time you are wasting is adequate to make a realm

5. Working for some individual

It’s not awful to work for some person, but rather promptly you get that agreement, design a leave technique. For this situation, draw a business plan.If you begin a business wander, you will work for yourself, choose what to procure and satisfy your desire. You will be disillusioned in transit however at last, you’ll ace the traps.


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