Top 5 Underrated Films About True Love
  1. A Ghost Story

A couple lives in a spacious house, but one day, the woman stops liking the house. She suggests to the man that they should move out. After some hesitation, he agrees to it. They begin to prepare to move out, packing things. At night, they wake up to the sound that their piano made itself. They go to the room where the instrument stands, but they do not see anything suspicious there. On the eve of their departure, a man dies in a car accident. He becomes a ghost and settles in the house next to the woman. After a while, she moves out, leaving a note in the door. The ghost is trying to get this note yet always falls short. New people move into the house. The ghost continues his attempts in getting the note. He meets a ghost who lives in the house across the street. He says that he is waiting for someone here. But he does not remember who. Years go by. The house is dilapidated, and it is time to demolish it. And the ghost still can’t get the note. Can he do it? What did the woman write before leaving the mysterious house?

  1. Breathe

A young girl by the name of Diana was fascinated by the cheerful and energetic Robin Cavendish. Soon they got married and went on a honeymoon trip. However, it was there that their lives were divided into “before” and “after.” Polio paralyzed Robin’s entire body. In order to just breathe, he now relies on a massive medical device, but this suited neither him nor his wife. With the help of a professor from Oxford, they are creating a chair that gives Robin the opportunity to move. Together with his wife, the hero goes on a journey to prove to both him and his wife that life is beautiful.

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  1. My cousin Rachel

The film is based on the novel by the British writer Daphne du Maurier, who, without a doubt, can be called a classic of love novels. The good thing about the book and the film is that there is a place for a riddle in them, and the viewer is free to decide which side he is on and which heroes are telling the truth. The main character, Philip, was raised by his wealthy cousin Ambrose and remained attached to his relative.

After a serious illness, the cousin goes to Italy where she meets a distant relative of Rachel and marries her. But marital happiness does not last long: after a year, Ambrose dies under mysterious circumstances. Phillip blames Rachel for his cousin’s death and doesn’t trust her, but at the same time falls in love with a mysterious relative.

  1. Submergence

Love films often play on the feelings of the audience, sending one of the heroes on a dangerous journey or arranging for him incredible vicissitudes of life. In this film, both characters aren’t so lucky. James Moore is a British intelligence officer, and Daniel Flinders is an oceanologist. The couple accidentally meets at a hotel on the French coast on Christmas Eve, and they both fell in love with each other at first sight.

But short are their moments of happiness – they will have to live without each other for a long time. James goes to meet the Somali militants and is captured by them. Daniel is preparing for deep-sea diving. On the verge of death, in moments of danger, both lovers think about each other and shield themselves from the frightening reality with memories of happy but short minutes that they’ve spent together. This movie is beautiful, and it has to be enjoyed with a person you love, so if you don’t have someone like that in your life yet, be sure to visit this Russian singles dating site and find your love now!

  1. Newness

If you do not like movies about love in the traditional sense of the word, then this drama will be a real discovery for you. It depicts the modern world where online dating and casual relationships are the norm. This is exactly how Martin and Gaby meet, and, unwittingly, from casual acquaintances, it all turns into a serious relationship. But one thing bothers these two: the thirst for novelty which pushes them into unjustified actions that can destroy everything, and especially a fragile feeling of love they themselves didn’t really believe in too much.

The creators of the movie managed to surpass all the standard films about love and their clichés and, without too much pathos, show a huge range of emotions. It showed all the stages that people go through in a relationship.

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