Banana is a favourite fruit in most parts of the world and is hardly out of season in Kenya.

This fruit is readily accessible in the market at affordable prices, and money can’t be an excuse not to eat it. Except when your body reacts to bananas, you should be eating them as often as possible as they are bound with lots of nutritional benefits.

Check out these surprising health benefits of eating bananas:

1. Digestion

Bananas are so full of fibre and this aids in improving your digestive health. Eating bananas on a daily basis ensures that you battle problems such as constipation and enhances bowel movements. Since some of the fibre present in bananas is insoluble, it has to flush out of the gut. As it passes through the stomach, wastes and toxic substances are eliminated from the body.

Top 6 Amazing benefits of eating bananas everyday
2. Lowers blood pressure

Bananas are a fruit high in Potassium and very low in Sodium. This ratio aids in combating the Sodium levels in the body, therefore, lowering high blood pressure. Sodium levels can be high in the shape depending on the kinds of foods we eat.

3. Athletes’ performance

Now, this fruit is not only sweet but also heightens athletic performance due to its high contents in Potassium and carbohydrates. Researches have shown that the effects of taking an energy drink for an athlete are similar to those of eating a banana instead.

4. Lifts your mood

Moreover, when you can’t explain what you feel because your moods are a mess, get a banana and get your moods in order. Bananas contain tryptophan, and tyrosine amino acids which are utilised in the production of the ‘feel good’ hormones which are in charge of regulating your moods.

5. Weight loss

Bananas are natural sugars and eating them helps in curbing cravings for artificial sugars. They also have soluble fibre which slows digestion, and you thus feel fuller for longer. This means that you won’t be snacking now and then after eating bananas.

6. Healthy heart

Foods that are rich in fibre have been associated with lower risks of cardiovascular diseases. The soluble fibre in bananas is mainly associated with a healthy heart.


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